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Weingut Salwey in Oberrotweil, in the heart of the Kaiserstuhl region, is proud of its history as a classic family-run estate. Yet that tradition only tells part of the story. Konrad is the third generation of Salwey to run the winery, which focuses on Pinot varieties traditional to the Kaiserstuhl region. The estate is renowned for its fine vineyards, including three “Grand Cru” sites. Under the direction of Konrad’s father, Wolf Dietrich, Weingut Salwey became the first Baden member of the Verband der Deutschen Prädikatsweingüter (VDP). He groomed his son from an early age. After graduating from Geisenheim, Konrad spend several harvests working with renowned estates in Burgundy and in the neighbouring Alsace.In addition, he had the opportunity to spend his practicum with the legendary Hans-Günter Schwarz of Müller-Catoir. These experiences were the foundation of Konrad’s vision, who took over the family estate after his father’s untimely death in 2011. Under Konrad’s leadership, Weingut Salwey now only produces dry wines of the Pinot family.

Konrad is renowned for his willingness to experiment. He knows it takes daring to try new techniques, and nerve to move on if need be — all in the interest of making better wine. Wine enthusiasts are taking notice. Germany’s leading Restaurant and Wine Guide, Falstaff, elected Konrad Salwey as “Vintner of the Year” in 2017. Most recently, the respected publication Gault&Millau awarded him the fifth grape, the highest rating a winery can achieve, elevating Weingut Salwey to “World Class Winery”. Konrad’s wines can now be found in many of the leading restaurants of Germany and neighbouring countries.

The wines are strongly shaped by the loess and weathered volcanic soils of the vineyards, and are always fully fermented dry. In the cellar, nature is provided with plenty of time and space to do her work. Konrad sees their job to guide the other variables, including strict standards in the vineyards, a 100% selective hand harvest and wild yeast fermentation in large wooden barrels. The low intervention approach in the cellar also means that the wines are neither fined nor filtered.

All in keeping to the motto: As little as possible, as much as needed.


Salwey Pinot Noir Rosé Gutswein Kabinett · Profile

Salwey’s Pinot Noir Rosé Kabinett is a typical example of a dry, fruit-driven German Kabinett wine. The alcohol is well integrated and the natural berry flavours of fully ripened, healthy Pinot Noir grapes are balanced by a crisp, fresh acidity. The grapes are hand harvested. Spontaneous fermentation and maturation take place in stainless steel tanks on fine lees.

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Salwey Pinot Noir Rosé Gutswein Kabinett · Pairing

A well-made, dry rosé wine such as this Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile food wines. There is not much that this wine cannot be paired with. We enjoy it a well-seasoned Bouillabaisse, white asparagus with poached salmon, cedar plank salmon, and grilled white meats.

Salwey RS Grauburgunder · Profile

The grapes for this delicious Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) come from the estate’s organically farmed Henkenberg vineyard in the heart of the Kaiserstuhl. The rich and golden colour of the glass already are signs of a wine of character and substance. Aromas of ripe orchard pear, citrus, vanilla and a refreshing balancing minerality give way to a long, dry, and harmonious finish. This Kaiserstuhl Grauburgunder stands up to the great white wines of Burgundy.

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Salwey RS Grauburgunder · Pairing

This complex Grauburgunder will benefit from being opened 1 to 2 hours before serving, or by being decanted. It stands up to flavourful dishes such as white truffle risotto, grilled pork, roasted poultry and game birds, and noble fish dishes. It will not disappoint when paired with venison. Serve with porchetta on brioche buns and German potato salad for an elegant picnic.

Salwey Großes Gewächs Steingrubenberg Weissburgunder · Profile

The Steingrubenberg is the newest addition to Konrad Salwey’s Grand Cru vineyards in the picturesque Kaiserstuhl region of Baden. This Weissburgunder shows the serious side of Pinot Blanc – a well structured wine with a complex and elegant character. The grapes are manually harvested. A brief maceration period gives the wine a pleasant tannin structure and an extended maturation on the lees adds richness and depth. The fermentation takes place with natural yeast, followed by a malolactic fermentation in large oak casks. No filtration prior to bottling. The resulting wine is dry, rich, and delicious – a style and complexity that is normally achieved by great Burgundy whites.


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Salwey Großes Gewächs Steingrubenberg Weissburgunder · Pairing

This complex Weissburgunder will benefit from being opened 1 to 2 hours before serving, or by being decanted. It stands up to complex and flavourful dishes such as white truffle risotto, grilled pork, poultry, and fish dishes.

Salwey Gutswein Pinot Noir Kabinett · Profile

Harvested from specially selected vineyards in the Kaiserstuhl, this 100% Pinot Noir displays the region’s typical minerality that you can only find in the Kaiserstuhl. This wine has a gamey yet reductive nose. The palate is dominated by ripe dark cherry, balanced by a pleasant acidity. The finish is complex and supported by well-integrated, elegant tannins.

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Salwey Gutswein Pinot Noir Kabinett · Pairing

Excellent with charcuterie boards and braised meats. Nice with brunch in the company of friends. Pairs well with mushroom dishes, grilled salmon, and barbecued poultry.