Who We Are

Long ago, an ancient people called the Enotri — long since lost to the march of time — lived across Greece and all the way to what is known today as Calabria, or the southern tip of Italy. They were a people who found joy in work, so the rich soil of their land produced lush vineyards. So fertile was their crop, they were labeled Enotri, or “people from the land of the vine.” They were defined through their work and the love for their land.

Enotri forms relationships with vintners who carry on this spirit. Rather than being known by their marketing or how their bottle looks on a shelf, our vintners spend their resources on the taste of their product. They have committed to sustainable, organic, and biodynamic growing practices, rooted in traditional methods that date back to when they were originally planted by Roman horticulturalists nearly 2000 years ago. Our vintners are defined by the quality of their wine.

And we at Enotri want to be known for carrying wines that surprise with every sip, are inspirational and eye-opening. And we want to truly know our product so that we can sell it with the fervour it deserves. We define ourselves by our integrity.

How do you define yourself? Is it through your work? Your family? Your values?

So often, we discover ourselves through the smallest moments, ones that refine, purify, who we are. And in that moment, we are revealed to ourselves.

Might we be so bold as to suggest that it could all start with something as a glass of wine?

Know what you’re buying. Know your values. Know thyself and discover how roots matter..

Our Team

Eberhard Tamm

Eberhard Tamm


A passionate wine enthusiast and visionary industry professional of more than four decades. During this time frame, Eberhard worked with and travelled to every major wine producing and consuming market in the world. This developed and trained a unique, well rounded palate and laid the foundation for the “enotri – roots matter” philosophy.

Together with his like-minded team members, Eberhard is committed to procure and introduce harmonious, carefully crafted wines that represent the true character of their birthplace and terroir. Honest wines without pretence and make-up.

Ritchie Breen

Ritchie Breen

General Manager

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Breen is an industry veteran with 25 years experience in the restaurant business, followed by over 10 years working in wine retail and with premium import portfolios. Focused on building strong customer relations by providing exceptional service backed by product knowledge, Ritchie gained respect by his wine knowledge, pallet, and marketing skills. Ritchie is in charge of coordinating the activities of the sales team, and key account management.

We are extremely happy to add a professional with Ritchie’s experience and proven industry track record to our team and welcome him to the enotri family.

Sydney Golembioski

Sydney Golembioski

Digital Marketing Manager & Sales Support

Born in Winnipeg, Sydney moved to Alberta at a very young age when her father had an opportunity to be the executive chef of a well known golf club in the Edmonton area. Through her father’s profession, Sydney was introduced to and developed an interest in great food and wine pairings at an early age. She recently graduated from NAIT as a Professional Photographer. Following her natural interest in and talent for all things creative, Sydney is helping out the local artist Hanny Al’Khoury, through whom she met the Enotri family.

We welcome Sydney to our team as Digital Marketing Manager who will support us in our efforts to introduce Albertans to the enotri family of wines, founded on the Roots Matter philosophy.

Marcin Witek

Marcin Witek

Logistics and Purchasing Manager

Marcin first encountered Enotri during a one-year stay in Canada back in 2018, providing valuable assistance by setting up our reporting system and providing sales support. Previous to his stay in Canada, Marcin spent several years with a prominent Polish importer as Buyer and Logistics Manager. Upon his return to Poland, Marcin resumed a position with this importer but also stayed in touch with his friends at Enotri. We are very pleased that Marcin has agreed to support us in the areas of portfolio management, logistics, and sales analysis.


My childhood memories are full of delicious meals prepared by my mother, with groceries purchased daily in the local town square. She stopped at the local baker, butcher, cheese and dairy shop, and local farmers displaying their produce at the daily farmer’s market. Food grown and prepared by artisans who went about their vocation with passion and integrity. My mother always bought from the same people, because she knew and trusted them. They were the community that gave her comfort. It was also her way of socializing – the exchange of news, stories, and sometimes gossip further strengthened that sense of community.

This is what “shopping or eating local” means to us at enotri – get to know and trust the people who produce what you consume. This sentiment, based on deeply rooted experiences, is expressed by our guiding principle “Roots Matter”.

The enotri portfolio is curated following these principles. We work exclusively with family run estates and passionate growers who work their land responsibly and mindfully. They preserve and protect their heritage for future generations to enjoy. They always strive to sustain the best that their land has to offer.

Let us tell their stories so that you can get to know them as if they were your friends and neighbours. Let their wines tell the stories of their origin and take you to vineyards of ancient terroir. Terroir is the sense of time and place captured in a glass of wine – we hope you will enjoy the journey.

Our wines are available at locally owned specialty retail stores and restaurants, all of which are part of the enotri community. Will you join us?

Locally yours,

Eberhard Tamm