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In Leiwen, east of Trier, lies the winery Josef Rosch, named after Werner’s grandfather. Here Werner Rosch and son Nico plant their Riesling on about 8.5 hectares of vineyards. In the cellar, Nico has taken over the winemaking duties with father Werner still consulting if and when needed. The soils on the Mosel consist mainly of slate. This was washed free by the river long ago, and sun and weather left it to weather. Riesling feels extremely comfortable in these conditions, so many vintners grow it on the Mosel today. The comparatively cool climate does the rest, as the grape variety ripens late and thus gets enough time to do so.

The Josef Rosch estate owns several parcels in very well-known locations, including, for example:

  • Trittenheimer Apotheke
  • Piesporter Goldtröpfchen
  • Leiwener Klostergarten

No cultured yeast is used at Rosch, the grapes ferment spontaneously with their natural yeast and thus close to nature. Werner and Nico thus give nature its space to express itself. Their Riesling wines are a pure reflection of the terroir and unmistakably Mosel.


Rosch Leiwener Klostergarten Riesling Kabinett · Profile

In the glass, the wine displays a brilliantly shimmering light yellow colour. The first nose of the Leiwener Klostergarten Riesling Kabinett presents notes of kumquats, peaches and lime. The fruity parts of the bouquet are joined by more fruity-balsamic nuances. With its low alcohol content, this Kabinett is the perfect patio wine.

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Rosch Leiwener Klostergarten Riesling Kabinett · Pairing

The perfect sipping wine. It can also be enjoyed with Asian inspired, slightly spicy cuisine, and all white asparagus dishes.