Château Laulerie & Château La Croix Romane


The Vignobles Dubard Estate, founded in 1977 by two brothers and their sister, now brings together four dynamic family-owned wineries located on the right bank of the river Dordogne in the South West of France: Château Laulerie, Château Les Farcies du Pech’, Château La Croix Romane, and Château Bel-Air/ Vieux Barrail.

Château Laulerie’s vineyards stretch out on the right bank of the River Dordogne in the Western part of the Bergerac wine appellation. This prized area, known as Montravel, is characterized by its calcareous-clayish hills, facing in an ideal southerly direction. The vineyard is made up of 50% white grapes (Sauvignon and Semillon) and 50% red grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec). The vineyards are farmed following the principles of the program called “Haute Valeur Environnementale”, which is monitored by the French government.


Château Laulerie Malbec Bergerac AOC · Profile

Malbec the way it was always meant to taste – distinctive aromas of spice and herbs, elegantly structured, memorable.


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Château Laulerie Malbec Bergerac AOC · Pairing

A wine to be enjoyed with friends at a gathering that involves flavourful, well seasoned and simple meals.

Great with burgers and ribs off the barbecue, Indian cuisine and aged cheeses.


Viognier by Laulerie · Profile

A delightful Viognier with a surprisingly crisp acidity that balances the aromas and flavours of stewed apricots and pears. The wine has a unique, round vivacity with elegance and refinement in the finish. A perfect harmony of freshness and ripe stone fruit.

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Viognier by Laulerie · Pairing

A very versatile wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif, with salads such as avocado crab, asparagus, and sushi. It also pairs well with a peach desert, for example the very classic Peach Melba.


Château Laulerie Bergerac Sauvignon Blanc · Profile

A wonderfully refreshing summer white wine with aromas of apricot, peach, and a hint of pineapple. Full of vivid and fresh fruit flavours.

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Château Laulerie Bergerac Sauvignon Blanc · Pairing

Ideal as a sipping wine when enjoying a beautiful summer day in the garden.

Pairs well with salads such as Salade Niçoise. Enough substance to stand up to grilled meat and fish dishes.


Château Laulerie Cabernet Franc Juste Terre · Profile

A surprisingly deep, complex Cabernet Franc with wonderful ripe tannins. Primary notes of dried berries, herbaceous and minerality, that opens up to reveal fennel, pencil shavings, dried blueberry, and violet notes. Rich and savoury, with a clean, dry finish. Complex, with flavours of tomato, oregano, mineral and fennel, along with dark fruit. Develops real character as it opens, recommend decanting.

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Château Laulerie Cabernet Franc Juste Terre · Pairing

This rich complex Cabernet Franc is best with savoury dishes, grilled meats and rustic food. Enjoy with a winter feast of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and oven roasted root vegetables. Or with a summer barbecue of sirloin burgers with aged cheddar cheese and tomato confit

Château La Croix Romane Lalande de Pomerol · Profile

La Croix Romane was added to the Dubard family’s wine estates in 2008. The name derives from the adjacent 12th century church erected by the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), whose cross the label bears. Bordering both Pomerol and St. Emilion, the Lalande de Pomerol vineyards are situated on a fabulous gravelly mound containing varying amounts of clay. The 8.50 ha of Château La Croix Romane are located on the right bank of the River Dordogne, 30 km from Bordeaux, only 2 km from the famous plateau of Pomerol.

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Château La Croix Romane Lalande de Pomerol · Pairing

Drinking well now, should age nicely for 15-20 years. Delicious with hearty flavourful meat dishes, or a classic steak. A great choice for any special and elegant occasion, pair with beef brisket, pot roast or braised lamb. Or serve with a board of aged cheeses after an afternoon of antiquing.

Château Dubard Bel Air Puisseguin St. Emilion · Profile

The village of Puisseguin stands on the limestone plateau that extends east of St. Emilion. The Dubard vineyard is distinguished by a higher proportion of limestone, which is expressed in deep and elegant wines. Merlot, which reigns supreme throughout the Libournais, expresses here a wide range of aromas. From the blackberry in its youth, it evolves towards notes of fig, and reveals accents of mint. On the palate the Bel Air Puisseguin St Emilion charms with a dense but fleshy texture.

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Château Dubard Bel Air Puisseguin St. Emilion · Pairing

A very classy and elegant match to a grilled steak, duck confit with chestnuts, beef Bourguignon, and mushroom soufflé. Stands up well to the exotic range of Indian cuisine.