Robert Perroud


Terroirs Originels brings together a community of 25 vintners who continue to farm their land independently and all share the same passionate integrity to bring out the best authentic expressions of their specific heritage. The notion of conserving terroir is their priority and its protection is a vested commitment of each estate.

Robert Perroud, a founding member and current President of Terroirs Originels, and his older brother Michel and their families now work together in working their vineyards in Brouilly and Cogny. All their newer vines are farmed organically while the older vineyards are cultivated sustainably. Their father taught them a respect for nature, people and the value of hard work.


Brouilly Pollen · Profile

The steep slopes of Balloquets are planted with wild flowers, and characterized with amethyst crystal located underground, incrusted in the red granite rocks with quartz, from which Pollen is the result. Fermentation begins spontaneously with native yeasts. The carbonic gases released by the crush then burst the grapes. This carbonic maceration captures the natural flavour of the fruit. Long finish with depth and complexity that rivals many high priced Burgundies.

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Brouilly Pollen · Pairing

This complex wine pairs well with roasted and braised red meats, venison, meat-filled pasta dishes, and mature cheese. It is a lovely accompaniment to cured meat and cheese, add with dark chocolate and raspberries to your board for a wonderfully sophisticated touch. Delicious with French Onion Soup on a cool Sunday afternoon.

Côte de Brouilly La Fournaise du Pérou · Profile

The vineyard is located on the steepest hill of the Cru, where all the work has to be done manually, normally in very hot temperatures. The hill has an elevation of 480 m and is totally covered by 60-year old vines. The roots have to work hard to break through the blue volcanic rock. The resulting wine is powerful and it needs time to reveal its depth and minerality. The palate is full with an amazing concentration and an outstanding, complex finish.

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Côte de Brouilly La Fournaise du Pérou · Pairing

Perfect to pair with roasted lamb, game birds, wild boar, venison, and prime rib roast.

Included in the Beaujolais Cru Variety Case, sku 102518

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