Robert Perroud


Robert Perroud is one of the founding members of Terroirs Originels and the group’s president. He came up with the idea for the group as he is motivated by human experience to collaborate with others who share a common passion. The creation of Terroirs Originels more than 20 years ago allowed Robert and his friends to fully invest themselves in the search for excellence from vine to glass.

Robert is inspired by the nature with which he likes to feel in harmony. His house is surrounded by his vineyards which are all farmed following sustainable and organic principles. Robert’s wines without exception are an expression of his integrity and the terroir that they are from.


Frères Perroud Bourgogne Pinot Noir · Profile

The grapes for this wine come from the family’s organically certified vineyard in Cluny that Robert farms together with his older brother Michel. It is a refreshing expression of Pinot Noir with a lively acidity and well integrated tannins that are softened by a subtle touch of oak.

The aroma displays cherries, red berries, and subtle spicy notes. Well balanced and harmonious.

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Frères Perroud Bourgogne Pinot Noir · Pairing

This exquisitely balanced Pinot Noir pairs well with a variety of dishes – simple Toast Champignon, mushroom soufflé, grilled salmon, game birds and cassoulet.

A delight with any barbecue.

Robert Perroud Brouilly Pollen · Profile

The grapes for Robert’s Brouilly Pollen come from 75 to 80-year old vines grown on the steep slopes of the Balloquets vineyard. Natural yeasts are used to start a spontaneous fermentation, preserving the wines natural terroir. The mouth feel is round with abundant flavours of ripe black fruit, balanced by firm tannins. The finish is silky smooth and long.\

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Robert Perroud Brouilly Pollen · Pairing

This complex wine pairs well with roasted and braised red meats, venison, meat filled pasta dishes, and mature cheese. It is a lovely accompaniment to a charcuterie board, especially when complemented by some dark chocolate and raspberries for a sophisticated touch. A warming experience when matched with a French Onion soup on a cool Sunday afternoon.