Pascal Aufranc


Terroirs Originels brings together a community of 25 vintners who continue to farm their land independently and all share the same passionate integrity to bring out the best authentic expressions of their specific heritage. The notion of conserving terroir is their priority and its protection is a vested commitment of each estate.

Off the beaten track, Pascal Aufranc’s domain is located in an old traditional farm in the middle of beautiful stone houses overlooking the village. Perched on the hill from Remont to Chénas, Pascal is surrounded by a mosaic of landscapes, comprised of forests, fields, and vineyards.The serenity and complexity of the terroir give Pascal’s wines a singular and harmonious expression.


Juliénas Probus · Profile

The Probus vineyard is at the end of the road, secluded and planted with 85-year old vines. Low yields and a careful, low-intervention process in the cellar result in a complex wine with surprising depth and staying power. On the palate the wine is rich and ample with floral highlights and undertones of mocca. Delicious!

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Juliénas Probus · Pairing

Pairs beautifully with substantial meat dishes such as venison, rack of lamb, prime rib roast, roasted pork, and a large variety of cheeses.

Pascal Aufranc Chénas En Rémont · Profile

The plot En Rémont is covered with 80-year old vines. It is a secluded vineyard at the end of the road, preserved and protected by surrounding woods and fields. Guided by Pascal’s careful touch, the grapes produce a very round and generous wine with intriguing notes of berries and spice. Beautiful silky tannins lead into a long, fresh finish.

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Pascal Aufranc Chénas En Rémont · Pairing

Ideally served with roasted duck, cassoulet, braised beef tongue, charcuterie, and soft goat cheese.

Included in the Beaujolais Cru Variety Case, sku 102518

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