Libre y Salvaje


Libre y Salvaje (Free and Wild) is a new personal project of José Ignacio Marín, an important winemaker from D.O. Cariñena.

This unique project focuses on recovering high altitude vineyards with old vines of indigenous grape varieties and restoring an old winery, with ancient caves for aging in an optimal natural environment.

The philosophy of Libre y Salvaje is the minimal intervention to achieve maximum expression. Freestyle, wild vines with one rule: follow the path of nature. The wines are elaborated and aged following artisanal methods in wooden foudres, concrete vats and big clay jars. In many ways it means breaking with today’s conventional ideas by going back to the past in order to look ahead.

Because the best things in life are Free and Wild.




Libre y Salvaje Garnacha Blanca · Profile

The vineyard is situated in a very typical landscape in Cariñena called “El plano alto”. The grapes owe their specific minerality to the stony soils with a very high sand content. Grapes are harvested by hand and then pressed with a cold maceration on the skins for four hours. This is followed by a spontaneous fermentation with the natural yeast in clay jars and neutral French oak barrels. The majority of the wine is aged for 10 months in clay jars, the rest in 500 litre, neutral French oak barrels. In order for the two styles to harmonize, the wine is matured for a further three months in stainless steel.

Libre y Salvaje Garnacha Blanca · Pairing

A complex white wine, 100% Garnacha Blanc from 50 to 85-year old, low-yielding vines.  It has a rich texture, balanced by a fresh acidity. A wine with a lot of character and backbone. Ideally served with rice dishes, poultry, pork, and flavourful fish dishes.

Libre y Salvaje Acecho Collado de los Lobos · Profile

Collado de los Lobos is a mountain pass used in the past by wolves on the slopes of the Algairén Mountains. There, under the stalking and watchful eye of wolves, the lands from which this wine comes, were cultivated. It is a blend of Tempranillo, Grenache Noir, and Carignan. The grapes come from 20 to 40-year old vines. Spontaneous fermentation and aging take place in a combination of concrete tanks, 225 l and 500 l French oak barrels. An inviting, mouth-filling wine that delivers the passion and warmth of Spain.

Libre y Salvaje Acecho Collado de los Lobos · Pairing

This easy-drinking yet full-bodied wine has very tannins and is well suited to accompany a backyard barbecue with steak and hamburgers. It also works great with Spaghetti Bolognese and Lasagna.

Libre y Salvaje Camino del Bosque · Profile

Camino del Bosque is the actual address of the winery, on a road that leaves the town towards the mountain. This wine, a blend of Grenache and Cariñena, shows the viticultural peculiarities of this historic municipality with these two autochthonous  varieties. The priority is to show the expression of a mature and well-structured Grenache, with the  liveliness of the Cariñena. The wood only provides structure and finesse without invading  the fruit. The aim is to recover what is seen in the vineyard, Grenache and Cariñena plants mixed within  the vineyards to obtain a wine that reflects the land where it is born. Fermentation is spontaneous with natural yeasts o retain the character of the wine’s terroir. Full-bodied with ripe tannins and a very long, complex finish.

Libre y Salvaje Camino del Bosque · Pairing

The full-bodied red wine with its silky tannins is best served with grilled steak, roasted lamb, and venison.