Libre y Salvaje


Libre y Salvaje (Free and Wild) is a new project of Jose Ignacio Marin and his sister Angela. They stem from a well established family in Carinena who have been growers and winemakers for generations. Their personal, unique project focuses on recovering high altitude vineyards that are planted with old vines of indigenous grape varieties and on the restoration of an old, historic winery. The winery itself sits on top of ancient caves, ideal for aging wine in an optimal natural environment.

Organic principles are followed in both the vineyards. Jose is the enologist and his philosophy is the minimal intervention to achieve maximum expression. Freestyle wild vines with one rule: follow the path of nature. The wines are crafted following artisanal methods in wooden foudres, concrete vats, and big clay jars. In many ways it means breaking with today’s conventional ideas by going back to the past in order to look ahead. Because the best things in life are Free and Wild.


Libre y Salvaje Acecho · Profile

The Acecho (“Ambush” in English), is a homage to the wolves that used to roam the region in past centuries, and it communicates the family’s commitment to conserving the wild beauty and nature of their land. It is a harmonious blend of Tempranillo, Grenache and Carignan harvested from old bush vines. It perfectly expresses the warmth of Spain, paired with the free and wild spirit of the region.

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Libre y Salvaje Acecho · Pairing

A nice choice with grilled meats, spicy pasta dishes, and kebabs.

Libre y Salvaje Camino del Bosque · Profile

An exquisite fusion of Garnacha and Cariñena (Carignan), offering a compelling alternative to Cotes du Rhone. Camino del Bosque, made with 60% Garnacha and 40% Cariñena, is sourced from the village of Almonacid de la Sierra in Zaragoza. The former undergoes fermentation in stainless steel, while the latter takes on the process in concrete and oak, utilizing indigenous yeasts. Maintaining a meticulous aging process, thirty percent of the blend matures in concrete, around 5% in clay pots (tinaja), and the remainder in oak barriques and oak vats over a 14-month period. This red blend is characterized by its juicy, primary, fruit-forward profile, showcasing ripened notes of plums, dark berries, and Mediterranean herbs. The palate is harmoniously round, unveiling fine tannins, pristine flavours, and seamlessly integrated oak. Embark on a sensory journey with this luscious Mediterranean red.

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Libre y Salvaje Camino del Bosque · Pairing

Enjoy with roast beef, braised short ribs, cassoulet, and prime rib.

Libre y Salvaje Carinena · Profile

The wine region Carinena is located in the province of Zaragoza and is one of the oldest protected European production regions. It is the only region that actually gives the name to one of the main red grape varieties of Spain and southern France – Carinena and Carignan respectively. A high elevation vineyard and low yields produce an elegant expression of this grape variety. The fermentation takes place with wild yeasts. A soft extraction and light pressing ensure that the tannins are not too strong and are well integrated in the final blend. A beautiful expression of a rare 100% varietal Carinena.

Libre y Salvaje Carinena · Pairing

A nice choice with Beef Bourguignons, Daube Provencal, ratatouille, cassoulet, mushroom pizza, and grilled salmon.