Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet


This Grande Champagne property has been in the family since 1730. Passed down through generations, Jean-Luc came to inherit the domain in 1971.  Today, Jean-Luc’s son Jean, and his wife Amy, carry on the traditions and craftsmanship of the family domain.  Jean inherited the passion for the purity of premium cognac from his ancestors. Following traditional craftsmanship, complemented by intense training and natural skills as maître de chai, Jean and Amy harvest 100% healthy grapes from their organically farmed, 8 ha vineyard in Grande Champagne that surrounds their home in the small village in Eraville. A second vineyard with an  additional 6 ha is located in Petite Champagne. Jean proceeds to produce his eaux-de-vie and age it to become cognac without the use of any of the additives that are commonly used in the production of cognac. The result of this labour of love and integrity are pure expressions of the terroir.


Pasquet Pineau des Charentes Blanc · Profile

A delicious introduction to the Charentes region and the world of eaux-de-vie! The must of freshly pressed Ugni Blanc and Montils grapes from the family’s organically farmed vineyard is blended with premium eau-de-vie. The blend is then aged for 18 months in used barrels to produce this refreshing and elegant vin de liqueur. In the nose there are distinct notes of pear, quince, and grapes with complementary aromas of spice. The palate is ample, round with a pleasant finish of pear and grape.

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Pasquet Pineau des Charentes Blanc · Pairing

Our Pineau des Charentes is a delightful aperitif to be enjoyed before a meal or in any social gathering. It also pairs well with a tourte au roquefort, foie gras, and with goat cheese. Serve well chilled.


Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 04 · Profile

Wanting to respect the French tradition of classifying their cognacs, the Pasquet family decided against using the export oriented terms such as VS, VSOP, and XO. The 04 is their youngest cognac, equivalent to a VS, with 04 representing the minimum age of the youngest cognac that was used in the blend. The 04 displays a beautiful yellow colour in the glass. In the nose refreshing notes of pear, grapes, and citrus with underlying hints of oak providing complexity.

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Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 04 · Pairing

To be enjoyed straight or on ice as an elegant drink to socialize or a delightful digestif. It also a great base for many cocktails.

Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 07 · Profile

This blend was made with cognacs aged for a minimum of 7 years and as such the family’s version of a VSOP. The complexity and richness are immediately noticeable in the aroma with charming scents of white flowers and white fruit. There is a supple attack on the palate leading into a well-structured composition of fruits and oak with notes of grapefruit and pears. The finish is pleasantly peppery.

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Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 07 · Pairing

A great cognac to relax and reflect.

Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 10 · Profile

The minimum age of cognacs used in this blend is 10 years. About one third of the aging casks used were new, first usage barrels. A rich, smooth, and complex cognac with well integrated oak flavours. A touch of vanilla complements the deep flavours of ripened fruit. Elegance and sophistication at their best!

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Cognac Grande Champagne L'Organic 10 · Pairing

A cognac for celebration and contemplation. If you are so inclined, the perfect partner to a nice cigar or to be enjoyed with great company in front of a fireplace. Some dark chocolate will further add to the experience.