Château de Javernand


Beautiful Château de Javernand is one of the most delightful wine estates in Beaujolais. The estate is operated by Arthur Fourneau and his cousin Mathilde Penicaud, representing the fifth generation. Arthur is supported by Mathilde’s husband and his life-long friend Pierre Prost. Together, they consistently produce benchmark Chiroubles from superior vineyards, situated on what is arguably this cru’s finest terroir. Chiroubles boasts some of the most elevated vineyards in the region, producing wines of impeccable finesse, quite distinct from other crus in the area. Indeed, there probably isn’t any better Chiroubles than that of Château Javernand. Its wines manage to be ripe, intense with rich textures and yet very refined and elegant.

The Château is also one of Beaujolais’ prettiest, with a fairytale facade that was constructed sometime during the 19th century. Visitors are always in awe of its idyllic location and spectacular views of the surrounding, sloping vineyards of Chiroubles.


Château de Javernand Mâcon-Villages JP · Profile

The grapes are from the vineyards of Pierre’s family in Mâcon. This is a special cuvée honouring Pierre’s father, Jacques Prost, who farmed the land until 2013 before passing it on to the next generation. In the nose the wine displays typical aromas of fresh citrus and white flowers. The flavours are round, well balanced and harmonious, the finish is long and refreshing. A beautifully crafted Chardonnay.

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Château de Javernand Mâcon-Villages JP · Pairing

This wine is a very elegant aperitif and matches well with salads, grilled fish, seafood, and poultry dishes.

Javernand Beaujolais Villages Rosé de Gamay · Profile

A fun and refreshing interpretation of Gamay from Beaujolais. The aroma shows ripe and freshly picked strawberries. The full berry flavours are beautifully balanced by a crisp, refreshing acidity. A wine to be enjoyed fresh and young.

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Javernand Beaujolais Villages Rosé de Gamay · Pairing

A beautiful aperitif, best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon with good friends. It goes well with a charcuterie board, soft cheese, fruit salads, and grilled fish. It does not shy away from spicy, Asian inspired cuisine.

Javernand Chiroubles Indigène · Profile

This Chiroubles is an example of the new, organic/ bio-dynamic philosophy that Arthur and Pierre introduced when they took over the estate in 2011. The grapes are harvested by hand to ensure that only healthy clusters are used. Natural yeasts are used for a spontaneous fermentation, following a traditional carbonic maceration. No sulfites are added throughout the process. A natural expression of Gamay with full berry flavours, a fresh acidity, and soft tannins.

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Javernand Chiroubles Indigène · Pairing

A wine that works well with cassoulet, mushroom dishes, red sauce pasta, and ratatouille.

Javernand Chiroubles Climax · Profile

The estate’s newest cuvée from specially selected plots and produced only in the best years. The vines are over 50 years old, producing low yields and very concentrated flavours. After a traditional maceration and fermentation, the wine in oak barrels to give it an enticing complexity and richness. Tannins are more pronounced than with regular Cru Beaujolais wines, but very ripe and well integrated. The finish is long and complex – outstanding!

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Javernand Chiroubles Climax · Pairing

A wine for special occasions and festive meals. It stands up to all roasted and flavourfully braised meats, including venison.