Celler de Capcanes


On the cusp of the noble wine regions of Priorat and Montsant, Celler de Capcanes offers an alluring dimension of Catalan wine making.

Originally established as a co-operative in the 1930s when five families got together to vinify all the wine of this Priorat-area village, the Celler de Capcanes drew the attention of the wine world in the early nineties when they started to produce premium Kosher wines for the Jewish community in Barcelona. Today, the Kosher wines, while still very important for the entire winery and village, represent a small percentage of the overall production. The rest of the wines are not Kosher, just simply outstanding with singular old vines Grenache, and wines from typically French varietals including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. The quality of wines produced by Celler de Capcanes with the overwhelming positive international reaction played a huge part in Montsant receiving the DO status in 2001.

Celler de Capcanes brings to the enotri family wines of outstanding value. These begin with an exceptional terroir ranging from 150m to 600m above sea level, with highly concentrated deposits of granite, slate, and clay. Today, 68 winegrowers work this bounty of nature, and their fruit of exceptional quality and fidelity to the soil is crafted by a very talented winemaking team consisting of Anna Rovira and Jürgen Wagner.


Mas Donis Rosé · Profile

A field of vibrant red fruits like strawberries and raspberries with hints of herbs and spice – a year-round pleasure.


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Mas Donis Rosé · Pairing

An ideal wine to relive memories of a sun-filled trip to Spain.

A very versatile partner to salads, seafood, fish, and grilled meat dishes.


Mas Donis Red · Profile

A wonderful all-purpose red for the summer – pure fruit seduction and charm.


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Mas Donis Red · Pairing

Great to enjoy with friends in the backyard on a summer evening.

Pair with grilled meats, red sauce pasta dishes, and cedar-planked fish.


Mas Collet Selecció · Profile

The Collet vineyard is one of the highest sites in Capcanes. It offers a beautiful and unobstructed view of many of the Capcanes Montsant vineyards, which inspired the idea for the name of this wine. Mas Collet Selecció is a careful selection of several vineyards in the surrounding area with the idea to create a cuvée that best typifies the robust yet approachable character of Montsant with prominent notes of black fruit. Two of the region’s main grape varieties – Garnatxa and Samso – are the foundation and backbone with Cabernet Sauvignon adding beautiful structural nuances. A very versatile and delightful wine with ripe tannins and added complexity through barrel aging.

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Mas Collet Selecció · Pairing

This wine can be paired with a vast variety of flavourful dishes, both from the traditional Catalan cuisine but also many international favourites such as pizza, red sauce pasta, bruschetta, ratatouille. It stands up well to roasted leg of lamb, game dishes, casseroles, and grilled fish.

La Nit de les Garnatxes: Limestone · Profile

Harvested from vines that grow on selected limestone plots of the Cabrida vineyard, this 100% Garnacha (Grenache) shows a medium cherry colour.  Floral and red fruit aromas on the nose. On the palate it emphasizes those fragrant floral notes that stand out over the cherries and red currant. The acidity this wine holds keeps it fresh and vibrant.

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La Nit de les Garnatxes: Limestone · Pairing

The freshness and acidity from this Garnacha of Limestone soil is beautifully paired with duck, venison and pork roasted plates, where the acidity cuts nicely through the fat of this plates. Honey roasted veggies and cremes are outstanding companions as well.

La Nit de les Garnatxes: Slate · Profile

Harvested from vines that grow on selected slate plots of the Cabrida vineyard, this wine has an intense cherry colour. On the palate, this Garnacha shows more of the darker fruits and is characteristic for its mineral traits, with notes of graphite, and wet pebbles. Tannins are quite present, yet ripe on a full body. Balsamic and herbal long finish.

La Nit de les Garnatxes: Slate · Pairing

Accepts all types of pairings, but considering its special traits coming from the slate soil, we highly recommend opening this wine with red meats. Steaks, tuna tartars, cod and mushroom risottos are great choices to pair with this Garnacha.

Cabrida Old Vines Garnacha · Profile

Deep dark and intense ruby colour. Fully developed Garnacha showing a wide range of ripe red fruits blended in with some dried herbs in a delicate and elegant body. Body is medium to full and showcasing a good acidity that keeps this wine vibrant and fresh. The oak is subtle, delicate and well-integrated, providing smooth soft tannins and notes of dried fruits, leather and cooked berries. Incredible aging potential.

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Cabrida Old Vines Garnacha · Pairing

The freshness of this Garnacha makes this wine a good companion to blend nicely with more fatty plates such as duck breast, creamy cheeses and feathered game. Beautiful to pair with rich flavoured plates such as mushroom risotto and any roasted white meat.


Celler de Capcanes Pansal del Calas · Profile

A very expressive, different wine and a friend of bold pairings. Very intense cherry colour, with aromas of fruit in compote, soft nuances of oak and a lot of perfume of figs and raisins. The wine is matured in oak casks for 15 months, resulting in a nice underlying complexity and well integrated nuances of light toast. Unlike traditional dessert wines, Pansal del Calas keeps all the freshness of the fruit and does not stick to the lips. aspiring to be something more!

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Celler de Capcanes Pansal del Calas · Pairing

The Pansal del Calas is a good match to a variety of dishes. It provides a good match to duck breast with oranges, roast beef beef with blueberry sauce, and a well laid out charcuterie board. For dessert, it is very enjoyable with a dark chocolate and orange cake, as well as with wild strawberries and raspberries.