Casale del Giglio


Casale del Giglio was founded in 1967 by Dino Santarelli. The vineyards and winery located in a fertile area 50 km south of Rome, a region that had no grape growing or winemaking tradition. When Dino’s son Antonio joined the family business in the mid 80’s, father and son were able to able to develop a unique, experimental project with the help of Paolo Tiefenthaler, a visionary enologist, working with ancient local grape varieties such as Bellone and Cesanese, but also adding international varieties like Sauvignon, Petit Manseng, Petit Verdot, and Syrah. The carefully crafted wines are wonderful expressions of the terroir, combining history and innovation.


Casale del Giglio Bellone Lazio IGT · Profile

Bellone is a classic white grape variety of the region, dating back to the days before the Romans. Sunshine evoking deep yellow colour with flecks of gold. The aromas and flavours of mango and papaya awake the feeling of spring and summer. The finis is long and well balanced with a marked, well integrated acidity.

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Casale del Giglio Bellone Lazio IGT · Pairing

Works well as an aperitif and Asian inspired dishes such as sushi. Grilled fish, Mediterranean fish stews, and asparagus or mushroom risotto also make for a great combination.

Casale del Giglio Petit Manseng · Profile

A native of the Jurançon region in the foothills of the French Atlantic Pyrenees, the small-berried, thick-skinned Petit Manseng grape from which this white wine is made, is more highly regarded than its larger-berried sibling, Gros Manseng. Antonio Santarelli and his visionary enologist Paolo Tiefenthaler recognized the huge potential of this grape variety in the fertile grounds in their Lazio vineyards. The wine is intensely aromatic, fruity and spicy on the nose, fresh, crisp and flinty on the palate. An exquisitely structured wine which bows out on a seductive, fruit-filled finish.

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Casale del Giglio Petit Manseng · Pairing

This aromatic and expressive white wine pairs well with fish stews, grilled fish, and baked oysters. It also harmonizes with grilled veal chops, roasted poultry, and cream sauce pasta dishes.

Faro della Guardia Biancolella di Ponza Lazio IGT · Profile

Biancolella is a white grape variety grown exclusively on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. It was first introduced to the island of Ponza during the 18th century. In Lazio, the cultivation of this grape variety is only authorized on this small island outside of Rome. The vinification process is started with the soft pressing of the whole grapes, followed by spontaneous fermentation with the native yeasts. It is aged for 7 to 8 months on fine lees, resulting in a complex white wine with a rich elegance and complemented by flinty, fresh, and saline notes. Exquisite!

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Faro della Guardia Biancolella di Ponza Lazio IGT · Pairing

Linguine with soft crab in a creamy sauce, roasted poultry, grilled veal, grilled fish, and pork roasts work well with this complex white wine.

Cesanese Lazio Rosso IGT · Profile

Another ancient grape variety that pre-dates the Romans. This deep-coloured Cesanese displays full aromas of Marasca cherry with notes of white and black pepper. In the finish it shows hints of violet and dark chocolate with a backbone of persistent yet silky smooth tannins.

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Cesanese Lazio Rosso IGT · Pairing

This full-bodied wine pairs well with many flavourful dishes such as cassoulet, beef and venison stews, pappardelle with Ragù of wild boar. Due to a nice acidity it also works magic with grilled fish.

Petit Verdot Lazio Rosso IGT · Profile

The Petit Verdot is part of a special research project that was launched in 1985 with the goal to identify maximize the territory’s potential for quality viticulture. Finding ideal growing conditions with respect to climate, elevation, and soil, the Petit Verdot matures into an elegant and full-bodied red wine with great berry flavours. Velvety and ripe tannins provide a great backbone. A complex wine with great aging potential.

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Petit Verdot Lazio Rosso IGT · Pairing

Great choice to enjoy in good company at backyard barbecue, with roasted meats, venison, beef Bourguignon, and lamb osso bucco.

Aphrodisium Late Harvest · Profile

The name of this rare late harvest wine derives from that of a settlement in Ancient Latium, the present day Agro Pontino valley near Latina, which housed the temple of Aphrodite Marina, protectress of sailors and navigators. Late harvested Petit Manseng, Greco, Fiano, and Viognier grapes are gathered in small crates and pressed carefully to extract nothing more than the highly concentrated juice. Fresh, floral notes of orange blossoms and peach are followed by flavours of honey and citrus fruit. Luscious and seductive on the palate with a refreshing mineral crispness balancing the natural sweetness.

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Aphrodisium Late Harvest · Pairing

A formal dinner in Italy is not considered to be over until the brain receives a sweet message! The Aphrodisium is a delicious and elegant way to conclude any dinner occasion. Enjoy with a peach or apricot tart. Also nice with Foie Gras and blue cheese.