Domaine Papagiannakos


Mesogaia, Attica. The blessed land of the famed Attica Vine. A land which is truly special,  surrounded by the sea which protects and nurtures it. The fruit of this land is borne of soft winters and warm and benevolent summers. From a soil which has the most perfect ingredients. The ideal environment for the cultivation of vines.

A historic region in proximity to the Temple of Artemis, the haunt of Dionysus, the patron saint of wine, where for centuries the ancient method of wine production has been maintained and the vine has been lovingly cared for.

This is the site on which The Papagiannakos Winery is situated. The first winery especially designed and built in Greece according to innovative bioclimatic standards, and which most clearly marks a new era. Set among vines, the site on which the Winery has been built is that of an old monastery and is located in the heart of the plain of the Attican Vineyards.


Mesoagaia Retsina Papagiannakos · Profile

Made with 100% Savatiano grapes from 50-year old vines. The yield is reduced to about 30 hl per hectare. The wine undergoes a temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel. During fermentation pine resin is added from selected pine trees of Attica, giving the wine a refined, elegant resin character that is well integrated with the natural fruitiness of the Savatiano grape.

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Mesoagaia Retsina Papagiannakos · Pairing

A new version of the traditional Retsina. With a fine aroma of pine and a strain of lemon. Blond in colour and beautifully balanced, this wine speaks to the finest palate. The perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres, seafood and fish.

Savatiano Old Vines · Profile

Savatiano is one of Greece’s most widely planted grape variety and is mainly used in the production of Retsina. In order to show the full potential of the grape variety, Papagiannakos harvests the grapes from vines that are 50 years old. The low yields result in a wine full of expression and surprising complexity. Bright gold and clear in colour, delicate bouquet, aroma of citrus. Medium acidity, long and pleasant aftertaste.

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Savatiano Old Vines · Pairing

A fine accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, seafood, fish, white meat. Great as an aperitif or to be enjoyed on the patio.

Kalogeri Malagouzia · Profile

Malagouzia is a very refined Greek grape variety that is increasingly attracting the attention of dedicated wine enthusiasts and sommeliers. In many ways, it signals the enormous potential of Greece to produce world-class wines from amongst its huge number of native grape varieties. The wine from Papagiannakos is a good example. Golden in colour, aroma reminiscent of exotic fruit, balanced and round palate with floral aftertaste.

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Kalogeri Malagouzia · Pairing

Accompanies seafood, oven baked fish, poultry. Also to be enjoyed with fruit and Indian paneer.

Papagiannakos Assyrtiko · Profile

The Papagiannakos Assyrtiko is very approachable and a friendly introduction to this grape variety that at times can be overly complex. Moderate yields and a gentle cold fermentation process result in a harmonious wine with a refreshing minerality and well-integrated acidity. The finish is pleasant and long lasting.

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Papagiannakos Assyrtiko · Pairing

A nice aperitif and to be enjoyed with fish, white meats, and salads. Also great choice with grilled octopus and calamari.

Erythros Papagiannakos · Profile

A well crafted blend of 70% Agiorgitiko and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Agiorgitiko is a remarkably versatile grape variety, and is used to make everything from light rosé wines to rich, full-bodied red wines with dark fruit flavours and plush tannins. The wine is purple in colour, balanced and round with aroma of vanilla and red fruit. Broad, generous aromas of ripe dark fruits and a hint of spice and star anise. The wine has rich bramble fruit characters, finely structured with well-integrated French oak, fine tannins, a light savoury note and a blackcurrant pastille twist on the finish.

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Erythros Papagiannakos · Pairing

Great with steak, or try lamb-stuffed peppers and lamb osso buco.