Who We Are

Long ago, an ancient people called the Enotri — long since lost to the march of time — lived across Greece and all the way to what is known today as Calabria, or the southern tip of Italy. They were a people who found joy in work, so the rich soil of their land produced lush vineyards. So fertile was their crop, they were labeled Enotri, or “people from the land of the vine.” They were defined through their work.

Enotri forms relationships with winemakers who carry on this spirit. Rather than being known by their marketing or how their bottle looks on a shelf, our winemakers spend their resources on the taste of their product. They have committed to sustainable, organic, and biodynamic growing practices, rooted in traditional methods that date back to when they were originally planted by Roman horticulturalists nearly 2000 years ago. Our winemakers are defined by the quality of their wine.

And we at Enotri want to be known for carrying wines that surprise with every sip, are inspirational and eye-opening. And we want to truly know our product so that we can sell it with the fervor it deserves. We define ourselves by our integrity.

How do you define yourself? Is it through your work? Your family? Your values?

So often, we discover ourselves through the smallest moments, ones that refine, purify, who we are. And in that moment, we are revealed to ourselves.

Might we be so bold as to suggest that it could all start with something as a glass of wine?

Know what you’re buying. Know your values. Know thyself.

Our Team

Eberhard Tamm

Eberhard Tamm


A successful import agent, export director, and marketing manager, Tamm has developed an intimate knowledge of his winemakers and their wines. Tamm was raised in Germany, and travels between Canada and Europe, frequently discovering new wines.

Tamm is very much the profile of a wine Enthusiast. He enjoys what most describe as old world wine. The Enthusiast finds pleasure in learning a product’s origins: the roots, terroir, and especially its story — all of which are best shared with friends.

Satya Das

Satya Das

Strategic Advisor

Das finds his experience as a restauranteur, food writer, restaurant reviewer frequently assisting his work with Enotri. Working as the wine columnist for the Edmonton Journal, Das encountered Tamm, and the two joined their collective experience together to form Enotri.

Das fits the bill of a Classic Connoisseur. These wine aficionados have a traditional approach — they try the famous vineyards, they know how to taste a wine, and they select clear favourites. Traditional winemaking techniques are the most attractive, and the Connoisseur collects ideal choices, shelving them so they may age to perfection.

Valerie Albrecht

Valerie Albrecht

Account Manager, Northern Alberta

Albrecht grew up with roots to the old world via her parents, who instilled the appreciation of food grown and harvested by one’s hands while respecting the soil. Her experience in sales in the wine industry, combined with visits to wineries in Italy and Spain has allowed her to expand her knowledge and share her passion with others.

Like Tamm, Albrecht is a wine Enthusiast, one who enjoys wine of every country and creed. To the Enthusiast, the taste of the wine is as interesting as its origin and terroir, and its flavour and stories are best shared with friends.