Tenuta Orsumella


Terroir, viticulture, and everyday care artfully imprisoned in a bottle. The expression “Chianti Classico” indicates the most pure and ancient region of Chianti. It is in this small geographical area that one of the most appreciated and well-known wines in the world is produced. The Menichetti family, at its third generation, is a witness to this great tradition being aware that the grower is both a custodian of ancient knowledge and a skilled wine creator that can summon the character and beauty of this ancient land. Brothers Andrea and Emanuale Menichetti like to imagine, like in an ancient tale, that wine is the offspring of a magical bond between Earth and Sky. Grapes interact with the sun during daytime and with the stars at night.

Orsumella Winery is located in Montefiridolfi within the Chianti Classico denomination area at 300 m a.s.l. and is extended on 78 hectares of which 25 dedicated to vineyards and 11 to olive groves.


Orsumella Chianti Classico DOCG · Profile

Orsumella is the wine that carries the name of the Estate and is an expression of its spirit. A complex and intense 100% Sangiovese wine. Elegant with a distinctive aroma of red berries and blackberry and violet notes. The elevation in oak barrels adds complexity and vanilla fragrances. The taste has a broad and tangy character and confirms the aromatic balance revealed by the scent. Ripe tannins along with a fresh acidity provide backbone and lead into a long, pleasant finish.

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Orsumella Chianti Classico DOCG · Pairing

Excellent choice with grilled red meat, for instance a traditional Bistecca Fiorentina, pasta with wild boar ragu, ratatouille, but also grilled fish.

Corte Rinieri Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG · Profile

The wine is produced from handpicked Sangiovese (95%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (5%) grapes in small crates and undergo further selection in the cellar.

A broad and enveloping perfume, juicy fruit notes of raspberry and blackberry and a spicy undertone. To the palate the tannic web is think, dense and well balanced. The acidity is harmonized with a complex undertone, rich and yet elegant at the same time.

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Corte Rinieri Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG · Pairing

Pairs well with prime rib, venison, roasted game birds, and ripened cheese. Always an elegant addition to a well laid-out charcuterie board. with a variety of meats, cheeses, and olives.