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The ”Sandro De Bruno” Winery, run by Sandro Tasoniero and his wife Marina Ferraretto, was founded in 2002 with the aim of producing wines that best represent the character of the territory in which they are born. Thhe vineyards are located in the area of Soave and Lessini Mountains, between Montecchia di Crosara and Terrossa di RoncĂ , volcanic lands at an ideal altitude and with an exposure perfectly suited to produce premium grapes. The view from the vineyards over the surrounding landscape is spectacular.

The high altitude allows us to obtain long-lived, healthy and local ”extreme” wines. The thermal shock between day and night is very important: the heat of the day and the excellent exposure to light allow the grapes to ripen homogeneously, while the cold of the night allows to accumulate and retain the organoleptic substances. The altitude also allows to avoid any source of pollution and, thanks to the influence of the mountains of Vicenza and Verona, it ensures a greater and constant ventilation. The fresh and clean air allows to have a clear sky that, combined with southern exposure and Guyot slope farming method, facilitates photosynthesis by allowing a homogeneous insolation and a better maturation of the grapes.


Sandro de Bruno Pinot Grigio Fumo (Ramato) · Profile

Pinot Grigio Fumo is a “ramato” wine, delicate and elegant yet with a complex structure. The beautiful natural copper colour is derived from letting the must sit at cold temperature on the skins for 12 hours. The name Fumo recalls the smoke of the extinct volcano “Calvarina”, located at 600 m ASL where the vineyards are . Thanks to volcanic soils, rich in flint, Pinot Grigio Fumo has a distinct mineral and savoury note.

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Sandro de Bruno Pinot Grigio Fumo (Ramato) · Pairing

This elegant wine is the perfect choice for a summer evening. It pairs well with aperitifs, vegetable pies, salmon tartare and medium-aged cheeses. Great with Lobster Mac & Cheese.

Sandro de Bruno Soave DOC · Profile

Garganega is an indigenous grape variety, typical of the Soave area. It has a beautiful golden colour and gives off an intense fruity and floral aroma. It has a good balance, roundness, a medium structure and a refreshing persistence. These garganega grapes are grown on the volcanic hills surrounding the villages of Monteforte d’Alpone and Soave, and partly near the Lessini Mountains.

The volcanic soils of these areas, composed of basaltic rocks are particularly suited to this grape, giving it great minerality and sapidity.

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Sandro de Bruno Soave DOC · Pairing

This wine pairs well with fish and seafood dishes, such as seafood risotto, swordfish carpaccio, mussels in white wine sauce, and panfried fish.