Naudé Family Wine Company

South Africa

Naudé Wines is the culmination of a journey that began more than 30 years ago. Since that first harvest, Ian has worked all over the world, with the goal to craft wines that tell a story of time and place.

Ian loves the diversity he encounters in South Africa. Not just of the people, but the soils, the microclimates, and the wine varietals that thrive under their own unique conditions. Ian is fortunate to have been introduced to a few of these vineyards, and work with some of the wonderful grapes that they produce, many of these from certified old vines.

Thanks to the outstanding work of and in close cooperation with the highly respected South African viticulturist Rosa Kruger, Ian has the privilege  to have access to some of the country’s finest old vines. Ian and Rosa, along with their partners, are largely responsible for preserving these vineyards, and their work is a great success story in South Africa’s recent vinous history.

The grapes on these vines are storied, complex and unique. Each year they represent something different – whatever nature allows them – and following his principle of minimal interference, Ian simply supports nature in crafting unique wines that show the potential of South Africa’s diverse landscape. “My job is to take a photo of the vineyard’s ecosystem and put that in a bottle”. – Ian Naudé



Naudé Old Vine Chenin Blanc · Profile

The nose of this wine displays a wonderful array of liquid minerals of crushed granite and chalk dust, complemented by peach stone, green apples. and fynbos. On the palate further mineral notes of wet pebbles, along with nuances of white crunchy pears, white citrus, and picante tangerine peel. In the sum a very harmonious, fleshy white wine with good depth.

SKU 837739

Naudé Old Vine Chenin Blanc · Pairing

The complexity and richness of this wine call for flavourful dishes such as scallops and fish in cream sauce, lobster, roasted pork belly, grilled poultry, and roasted butternut squash.

Naudé Old Vine Langpad Colombard · Profile

Colombard’s neutral character opens itself up to a variety of personalities. But when the vines are planted in the right place and have been in the ground for long enough, Colombard becomes a mirror reflecting its terroir. The Naudé Old Vines Colombard was grown on a 35-year-old vineyard in the Vredendal-area, on the West Coast of South Africa. The farm is situated about 35 km from the ocean. The Langpad Colombard begins with a gorgeous white peach and passion fruit on the nose, followed by pears and peaches and finishing with that saline salty freshness. The resulting wine is beautifully balanced and precise while bristling with excitement owing to the prominent and refreshing acidity.

SKU 838692

Naudé Old Vine Langpad Colombard · Pairing

Well chilled this wine is a beautiful aperitif. It is a great match to summer salads, fresh seafood such as raw oysters, grilled fish and poultry in citrus sauce.

Naudé White Blend · Profile

This wine best displays the single minded and unique approach of Ian Naudé. In blending cultivars from very carefully selected, premium vineyards in the Western Cape region, Ian’s goal is to demonstrate the uniqueness of South Africa’s terroir by crafting a white blend that rivals the top releases of areas such as Chablis and Sancerre in France, but without copying their styles. For vintage 2010 Ian used almost equal parts of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon. The tropical fruit of Chenin Blanc is complemented nicely by the citrus character of Sauvignon Blanc with Semillon providing structure and complexity. The wine is still young and tense and will benefit from further cellaring.

SKU 837754


Naudé White Blend · Pairing

This surprisingly complex wine has a lot of depth that pairs well with fish dishes in cream sauce, Oysters Rockefeller, grilled white meats and game birds. A delight on its own, allowing to focus on the incredible potential of the diverse South African terroirs.

Naudé Old Vine Cinsault · Profile

For many years, Cinsault was the neglected step child of the South African wine industry with most of the attention going into the direction of its off-spring, Pinotage. Ian was fortunate to come across an old vineyard with 35 to 40-year old vines just outside of Darling and found the conditions there to be optimal to grow outstanding Cinsault. On the nose, the wine displays complex aromas of lychee, rose petals, yellow fruits, and red berries. Underscores of mineral granite are followed by chalky, ripe tannins. A very intense, complex wine with a long finish.

SKU 837740

Naudé Old Vine Cinsault · Pairing

This full-bodied, well-structured wine is a great match to flavourful stews like Cassoulet, Beef Bourguignon, roasted beef and lamb dishes. Nice with a full charcuterie board.


Naudé Old Vine Oupa Willem · Profile

The Oupa Willem, a blend of 80% old bush vines Cinsault from Darling and 20% prime Cabernet Sauvignon from Durbanville, is Ian’s homage to his grandfather Willem and to the old South African heritage of blending Cinsault with Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine has a strong character, a confident tannin structure and complex aromas. Classical notes of red cherry, rose petals, violets, and marzipan are complemented by a mouth-watering acidity.

SKU 837741

Naudé Old Vine Oupa Willem · Pairing

A powerful yet elegant wine that pairs well with châteaubriand, prime rib roast, rack of venison, and roasted leg of lamb.

Naudé Natural Sweet Mourvèdre · Profile

This naturally sweet Mourvèdre is rich and full-bodied. A strong line of acidity ensures that the wine stays in balance and that it can be enjoyed at any time throughout a meal or during the evening. With some Amarone-like characteristics, it is also a nice alternative to Port and other fortified wines.

SKU 837742

Naudé Natural Sweet Mourvèdre · Pairing

It is a good choice with any dessert, especially dark chocolate and berries. It pairs well with an after-dinner cigar, blue cheese such as Stilton or Roquefort. Or simply on its own in front of a fireplace.