Glenelly Estate

South Africa

In 2003, at the age of 78, May de Lencquesaing, then the owner of the iconic Chateau Pichon Comtesse de Lalande, a Grand Cru Classé from Pauillac, in Bordeaux, started a new venture, on South African Soil, and purchased Glenelly Estate. With a nod to the French Huguenots settlers and after cautious study of the terroir she build a thriving winery that best utilises the soils and microclimate of the valley and supports local economic development and community. Her vision is to establish Glenelly as a world class estate, producing award winning wines with power, elegance and balance.

Nestled in a striking amphitheatre of mountains, Glenelly estate covers 57 hectares under vines, planted on hilly, well drained slopes that benefits from unique diversity of microclimates. Most are Southeast facing, allowing for a slow and even ripening, and resulting in wines of great elegance and finesse. The vines benefit from a constant cool breeze from a combination of the surrounding mountains and near ocean. The soil is one of the oldest in the world and originates from 600 million years old decomposed granite with a deep clay base.


Glenelly Glass Collection Unoaked Chardonnay · Profile

The grapes were lightly crushed and gently pressed. The juice was transferred to two stainless steel fermenters where it underwent spontaneous fermentation with their natural yeast. The wine was not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation and was left on the lees until bottling took place. The wine has a bright and brilliant colour with a slight green hue. It shows complex aromas of flint and citrus peel. On the palate there is a wonderful length provided by the flintiness and intense fruit complexity.

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Glenelly Glass Collection Unoaked Chardonnay · Pairing

This refreshing interpretation of Chardonnay is best enjoyed with summer salads, fresh seafood, light pasta dishes, and grilled poultry. It makes for a nice aperitif with the crisp acidity gently waking up the taste buds and getting the digestive juices off to a good start.

Glenelly Estate Reserve Chardonnay · Profile

The grapes were whole bunch pressed. The juice was transferred to new and second passage 500L blond toasted barrels after a brief settling. It was naturally fermented at various temperatures and then left  for 10  months on its lees. Total time in barrel was 10 months. This Reserve Chardonnay has a wonderful harmony with floral aromas, baked apple notes, toasted chestnuts, and spiced cinnamon butter. The flavours and a well-integrated acidity combine in a lingering, mouthwatering finish.

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Glenelly Estate Reserve Chardonnay · Pairing

This complex Chardonnay pairs well with noble white fish, buttery lobster, and flavourful pork and poultry dishes. Also great with a delicious Lobster Mac and Cheese.

Glenelly Glass Collection Merlot · Profile

The grapes were lightly crushed into stainless steel tanks. The fermentation was done by natural yeast with a mixture of rack and returns and open pump overs. Post fermentation skin contact for 2-3 weeks and pressed gently. Malolactic fermentation occurred in French oak barrels.  Matured during 12 months in oak. The resulting wine displays a dark ruby red colour. On the nose, aromas of dark fruit and cherries combine with hints of chocolate and spicy plums. This Merlot shows tremendous concentration and richness. Finely structured, ripe and elegant tannins provide the perfect harmony.

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Glenelly Glass Collection Merlot · Pairing

Excellent choice with barbecued meats, burgers, pasta with red sauce meat ragout, and medium soft cheeses. For something unusual, enjoy with a high quality dark chocolate.

Glenelly Glass Collection Cabernet Sauvignon · Profile

The grapes were lightly crushed into stainless steel tanks. Fermentation was done by natural ambient yeast with a mixture of rack-and-returns and open pump-overs. Post fermentation skin contact occurred for 2-3 weeks before undergoing gentle press. Malolactic fermentation occurred in French oak barrels. Matured during 12 months in oak. This youthful Cabernet Sauvignon displays all the characteristics of the Simonberg terroir. Black and red fruit combine with cassis. The prominent fruit flavours are complemented and balanced by a tangy acidity and the fine tannins that are the hallmark of the Glass Collection wines.

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Glenelly Glass Collection Cabernet Sauvignon · Pairing

Pairs nicely with roasted meats, cassoulet, barbecued burgers, red sauce pasta dishes.

Glenelly Estate Reserve Red Blend · Profile

This wine is the estate’s signature red blend. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the largest components with smaller percentages of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, and 15% Syrah – an old tradition in Bordeaux – making up the balance. The grapes were hand-sorted and lightly crushed into stainless steel fermentation tanks. They were given a cold soak for three days before allowing the natural fermentation to start. The wine was placed in French oak barrels to undergo malolactic fermentation. Matured for 18 months in French oak. This complex wine offers plenty of ageing potential. Flavours and aromas of mulberry and cassis are complemented by hints of fresh herbs with the backbone structure of rich, ripe tannins pulling it all together.

SKU 869012

Glenelly Estate Reserve Red Blend · Pairing

This complex wine with its bold flavours and rich tannins asks for rich protein dishes such as roasted lamb, prime rib roast, venison, and beef bourguignon. It will pair nicely with roasted game birds and mature cheeses.

Glenelly Estate Lady May · Profile

Lady May is Glenelly’s Flagship Estate Wine with Cabernet Sauvignon dominating the blend. Malolactic fermentation occurred in French oak barrels. The wine stayed on the lees for a long period of time before racking. Matured during 24 months in new French oak barrels.

This typical Bordeaux Blend pays tribute to the pedigree of its legionary owner, May de Lencquesaing, balanced, refined and mineral – etched with underlining fruit power, it is fresh, stylish and subtle with dense age-worthy tannins and a long, elegant finish.

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Glenelly Estate Lady May · Pairing

This complex, elegant wine can be enjoyed as a celebratory conclusion to a successful day, in front of a fire place, and with an elegant charcuterie platter. It pairs nicely with roasted meats, venison, and game birds.