Creation Wines

South Africa

When in 2002 Jean-Claude (JC) and Carolyn Martin took up the challenge of establishing a winery in a remote corner of the Walker Bay Wine Region, they did so with the courage of their conviction. The 40 hectares of undulating land on the lofty Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge had never been planted to vines before, but recognizing the vast potential, they set out with tenacity and determination to transform it into a model wine farm. No easy feat, but then the Swiss-born JC and South African-born Carolyn (née Finlayson) both come from wine pioneering stock spanning at least three generations and two continents! Without knowing it at the time, Jean-Claude was very instrumental in shaping the future South African approach to viticulture, which culminated in the IPW program. While still in Switzerland, JC was part of a committee that developed a new environmentally conscious, integrated form of agri- and viticulture. This Swiss program became the model for the French Haute Valeur Environmentale program, which in turn served as the inspiration for the South African Integrated Production of Wine (IPW). We are privileged and proud to represent the winery of such visionary and dedicated leaders of this industry.


Creation Estate Sauvignon Blanc · Profile

At Creation there are six different clones of Sauvignon Blanc and the blending of these results in interesting complexity. Thanks to the cool climate and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Sauvignon is more mineral driven than fruit forward. The wine benefits from extended lees contact which imparted additional texture and depth to the wine. Star-bright with alluring aromas of elderflower, papaya, cassis, passion fruit and kumquat blooming from the glass. On the palate clean minerality rules. Then opening up to echo the generosity promised on the nose and leading to a refreshing hint of lemon zest.

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Creation Estate Sauvignon Blanc · Pairing

This wine is best served with fresh seafood, sushi, and grilled fish. It is also a nice accompaniment to grilled aubergine, fromage du chèvre and, for an interesting twist, with a passionfruit based dessert.

Creation Estate Cool Climate Chenin Blanc · Profile

The most delicate shade of wild primrose with tinges of lime playing hide-and-seek in the glass. A bouquet of gentle ginger, tender tomato leaf, apple skin and honeycomb casts the first spell. On the palate the magic unfolds with crispy quince and fresh green apple flirting with the smoothness of coconut milk in the background. A cool-climate Chenin Blanc as remarkable in its purity as it is in its joyous complexity.

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Creation Estate Cool Climate Chenin Blanc · Pairing

Great choice with pork belly, smoked turkey, and salmon gravad lax. It stands up to a veal osso bucco or grilled veal chop.

Creation Estate Rosé · Profile

A beautifully balanced blend of 80% Grenache Noir and 20% Syrah. A delicate petticoat-pink, translucent and tempting in the glass. Exquisitely perfumed with the come-hither bouquet of a Madame Meilland rose, blending with the freshness of sun-kissed berries. Profoundly chic yet playful on the palate: lush ripe raspberry laced with evocative hints of dried apple; racy white pepper flirting with the tiniest scoop of honey. All enlivened by the crisp acidity and savoury minerality characteristic of this cool-climate, maritime wine.

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Creation Estate Rosé · Pairing

It makes a beautiful, refreshing aperitif and pairs well with summer salads. Superb with a cedar plank salmon accompanied by fresh tomato salad and basil. Great with any backyard barbecue or casual picnic.

Creation Estate Pinot Noir · Profile

While establishing his career in Switzerland, JC honed his skills on Pinot Noir and is therefore familiar with the challenges faced when cultivating what can be a fickle grape. Before planting his Pinot at Creation he meticulously considered aspect, soil and row direction and selected only virus-free clones for their suitability to the terroir. His Pinot vineyards are planted on south-easterly, easterly and north-easterly slopes with each site expressing itself in its own stylistic way. The wine is bright and shiny, resembling a polished garnet. Intensely fragrant, the bouquet combines a bevy of seductive red berries with whiffs of vanilla and wood spice. These follow through on the elegant palate where the refined flavours of raspberry and the earthiness of shiitake mushroom are supported by supple tannins.

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SKU 865858

Creation Estate Pinot Noir · Pairing

Creation pairing guru Carolyn Martin says this versatile wine is sensational with fish – from white fish dishes to salmon or tuna sashimi – poultry, game and even Creation’s homemade kimchi. Mushroom dishes are always a great match with Pinot Noir as is a flavourful cassoulet.

Creation Estate Syrah Grenache · Profile

Dark purple in colour, almost black, with flashes of deep crimson. Alluring aromas of ripe black olive elegantly complemented by whiffs of pepper. A well-endowed, full-bodied Rhône-style blend with intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper, tapenade and umami. Supple ripe tannins and well-integrated, natural acidity contribute to the appeal.

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SKU 865859

Creation Estate Syrah Grenache · Pairing

This versatile and well-balanced wine works great with lamb chops, lamb vindaloo, beef stroganoff, and duck breast in a red wine jus. Beef tartare and any slightly spicy preparation will benefit from this pairing as well.

Creation Estate Elation Brut Nature · Profile

A great opening or ending to any festive occasion. An exquisitely crafted blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Classified ‘Brut Nature’, the wine contains only natural residual sugar and is delightfully crisp with a generous dash of exuberance and an elegant touch of finesse. Pour a glass and watch the tiny beads perform a lively cabaret. Then take a sniff … the gentlest aromas of lemon blossom and dried apple emerge, followed by wild strawberry and hints of fresh brioche. On the palate well-integrated flavours of grapefruit and dried apple are accompanied by fresh minerality – elusively savoury like wet pebbles on a beach.

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SKU 865861

Creation Estate Elation Brut Nature · Pairing

The classics such as fresh strawberries with cream, caviar, and triple crème cheese like Prestige de Bourgogne. Its structure and elegant bubbles nicely break down a juicy ribeye steak.