Baglio di Pianetto


Founded by Count Paolo Marzotto, the Pianetto Estate is located in the municipality of Santa Cristina Gela, in the north-west of Sicily close to Palermo. Pianetto Estate sits at an altitude of approx. 650 m. asl. The vineyards, well ventilated with a high temperature excursion between day and night, offer the ideal climate and soil composition to create wines of great aromatic complexity. A high-hill viticulture, surrounded by mountain forests, basins and small clearings in the heart of the DOC of Monreale, the home of a precious and highly-regarded vine-terroir interaction. The estate is now managed by Conte Paolo’s daughter, Dominique.

On the top of the hill, a majestic and ancient oak tree grows at the convergence point of row after row of grapevines. In spring, the colourful dazzle of the first blossoms is a spectacle of nature. The estate of Contrada Pianetto (Santa Cristina Gela), is a veritable kaleidoscope of micro-climatic conditions: exposure, altitude, atmospheric temperature range and strong ventilation all come together to create the precious interplay between plant and soil which gives our wines their freshness, complexity, elegance and longevity. The microcosm of the estate is the dream of a perfect vineyard come true, a place where international varieties grow alongside Sicily’s heirloom natives: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Grillo and Catarratto, Baglio di Pianetto reunites all the key elements of today’s premium quality viticulture.


Baglio di Pianetto Insolia Organic · Profile

Insolia is a white-wine grape most likely originating in Sicily, its chief contemporary home, but possibly long ago imported thence from Greece. This wine greets the eye with its straw yellow colour, then its bouquet opens to generous fragrances of spring flowers and ripe fruit, backgrounded by orange blossom and green apple. On the palate, it is clean, dry, and crisp, with a delicious vein of minerality.

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Baglio di Pianetto Insolia Organic · Pairing

This is the perfect wine to pair with shellfish, as well as with fried fish and spaghetti with frutti di mare.

Baglio di Pianetto Frappato Organic · Profile

A rare, fruity find from Sicily, Frappato bursts with aromas of sweet red berries and incense spice. It’s sometimes blended with Nero d’Avola to add complexity. At Baglio di Pianetto, the yields of this 100% Frappato are kept low with the resulting wine having great expression of terroir and varietal character.

On the palate, this balanced red wine is characterized by an incredibly harmonious texture. Due to the moderate fruit acid, the Frappato flatters with a velvety mouthfeel, without missing out on juicy liveliness. In the finish, it inspires with good length.

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Baglio di Pianetto Frappato Organic · Pairing

Enjoy with grilled fish, roasted lemon chicken, fresh pasta with beef ragu, and for something unique with cabbage rolls.

Baglio di Pianetto Nero d'Avola Organic · Profile

With its purple-flecked ruby red colour, this Nero d’Avola boasts intense notes of redcurrant, wild strawberries, and pomegranate. Crisp yet smooth in the mouth, it concludes with a surprisingly long finish and a lingering sensation of silky tannins.

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Baglio di Pianetto Nero d'Avola Organic · Pairing

This Nero d’Avola is the perfect choice for pairing with red sauce, slightly spicy pasta dishes, red meats, and wild game dishes. Also great with roasted turkey and cranberry sauce.

Fermata 125 Etna Bianco · Profile

Made with 100% organically grown Carricante, this wine has an appealing shimmering straw-yellow colour, Fermata 125 Etna Bianco DOC seduces with incisive, citrus-edged scents of orange and acacia blossom. Beautifully-balanced in the mouth, its multi-layered fruit progresses to a long-lingering finish with a pungent balsamic note.

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Fermata 125 Etna Bianco · Pairing

This is the perfect wine to accompany traditional Mediterranean first courses as well as those of Asian cuisine.

Fermata 125 Etna Rosso · Profile

Made with 100% Nerello Mascalese grapes, the Fermata 125 Etna Rosso DOC greets the eye with an attractive pale ruby colour, then pleases with delicate scents of red berry, such as wild strawberry, and warm, enfolding spice notes. The palate is built upon tangy, rich fruit, fine-grained, glossy tannins, and a lengthy finish.

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Fermata 125 Etna Rosso · Pairing

An ideal partner to grilled meats, couscous, and aged cheeses.