The Experience

Our Enotri Experience brings the taste of family-owned European vineyards to your home, office, or wherever you and friends may gather.

We offer a range of dinner options, from several course meals to simple amuse-bouche (hors d’œuvres). We can create a custom menu for your event, or you can select several dishes from our honed menus.

As we serve each course, we tell our wine’s story: of its vineyards’ terroir (climate, topography, and soil), the people who made it, and the wine’s journey from seed in moist earth to drink in your glass. After each serving, we free the room up to conversation between you and your guests.

It’s the combination of wine, food, story, and conversation that makes our service unique — everything required to make a truly memorable evening.

If you find your palate tickled, fill out the form below to book an experience.

Sample Menus

Book An Experience

To book an Enotri Experience, please submit a completed form no less than two weeks before your event. We will get back to you within two business days.

After receiving your message, we visit the requested venue to see the amenities we have to work with. From there we provide a quote. If confirmed, we arrive early on the day of the event to prep, and at the end of the night everything we’ve used will be cleaned.