Terroirs Originels


Terroirs Originels is the brainchild of visionary grower Robert Perroud and six of his closest friends who wanted to start a community of independently owned and operated family estates with the goal to preserve the rich heritage of the different cru vineyards in Beaujolais. Some 20 years later, this community now includes 30 families who farm their land sustainably or organically. All wines are 100% estate grown and bottled with limited production to ensure the conservation of the terroir.

We are proud to represent 8 of these passionate and dedicated growers. All of them have their own unique story to tell. We have found that one of the common characteristics is their uncompromising commitment to the land and heritage. To them and to us at enotri, Roots Matter above all. Together we have come up with the idea to offer a special Cru Sélection case, featuring six different Cru Beaujolais from six different growers of the same vintage. Each vintage this selection could change so that the various families can let their top wines tell their story.


Terroirs Originels 2016 Cru Sélection · Profile

Six Artisan Growers, six Crus, six Terroirs…

One Grape Variety, One Vintage, One Passion….

Roots Matter!

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Terroirs Originels 2016 Cru Sélection · Pairing

A carefully curated selection of some of the finest Cru Beaujolais wines,  displaying the immense range and versatility of well crafted Gamay.

Robert Perroud Brouilly Pollen · Profile

Powerful and refined. A well structured wine that displays the great potential of Gamay and its ample richness.

Robert Perroud Brouilly Pollen · Pairing

Purple with a hint of ruby, deep and sumptuous nose of fruit with some earthy undertones. A harmonious wine that pairs well grilled meats and salmon, mushroom soufflé, cassoulet, and game.

Pascal Aufranc Chénas Vignes de 1939 · Profile

A well structured wine with surprising depth and complexity. An intriguing dark garnet robe with purple hints. In the nose a pleasing combination of black fruit and hints of cinnamon leading into a generous palate with soft tannins.

Pascal Aufranc Chénas Vignes de 1939 · Pairing

A great wine to help relax after a long day. It pairs well with roasted red meat, game, and mushroom dishes. A good accompaniment to charcuterie and goat cheese.

Lucien Lardy Fleurie Les Chênes · Profile

A very powerful interpretation of Gamay, grown on vines that are older than 70 years. A red garnet colour with purple tints. In the nose an immediate aroma of blackcurrant and its flowers. A very full palate, rich with a tender smoothness, leading into a bright, fruity finish.

Lucien Lardy Fleurie Les Chênes · Pairing

A great accompaniment to any formal dinner and special occasion. Pairs very well with cassoulet, roasted duck, beef, venison, and game birds. Also stands up to marinated lamb and pairs elegantly with salmon.

Laurent Gauthier Morgon Grand Cras · Profile

Velvety and fleshy at the same time – a great expression of Gamay showing the close family resemblance to a Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Laurent Gauthier Morgon Grand Cras · Pairing

A great wine for many occasions. Pairs well with coq au vin, grilled red meat, lamb, game birds and venison. Also a good choice with lighter meals such as Toast Champignons.

Yohan Lardy Moulin-À-Vent Les Michelons · Profile

A very substantial and masculine style of Gamay. The average age of the vines is 85 years. Under Yohan;s watchful eye these vines produce grapes with great concentration and expression of terroir. In the nose the wine displays a mix of kirsch, blueberry, and licorice. The finish is long with supple tannins.

Yohan Lardy Moulin-À-Vent Les Michelons · Pairing

Pairs well with substantial and flavourful dishes such as cassoulet, coq au vin, beef stew, veal roast, and lamb.

Pascal Berthier Saint-Amour Ésprit de Séduction · Profile

A seductive wine of intense ruby colour. In the nose an aromatic combination of red and black fruit. The palate is harmonious and round leading into a pleasant finish with hints of cherries and spice.

Pascal Berthier Saint-Amour Ésprit de Séduction · Pairing

A very versatile wine that pairs well with Filet Mignon, pork tenderloin, rack of lamb, and grilled poultry. It has the substance to handle an entrecôte with roasted potato and vegetables.