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Located in the beautiful hillsides around Asolo – also known as the Pearl of Treviso – the Ferraro family have farmed their land for three generations. From the very start, the land was cultivated following organic principles and the main focus of the work in the vineyards and in the cellar was to produce premium quality Prosecco. Due to the very special terroir and the quality minded approach of the growers, Asolo Prosecco was awarded the DOCG status, normally reserved for the vineyards within the original area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

The vineyard management and cellar duties are now handled by Luca Ferraro, supported by his wife Giuliana and his parents. The special care taken in the vineyards is continued in the cellar. While normally most Proseccos only undergo a second fermentation period of about 30 days, Luca extends this fermentation for most of his wines to 45 to 60 days. This extra time adds complexity and elegance to their wines.


Asolo Prosecco Col Fondo Extra Brut DOCG · Profile

“Col Fondo” is the ancient method of making Prosecco sparkling wine. The second fermentation starts in a tank but is then allowed to finish in the bottle with the remaining yeast settling at the bottom. It is not filtered out, adding more flavour and complexity to the wine.

With the Bele Casel Colfondo delicate notes evolve as elegant hints of yeast emerge.

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Asolo Prosecco Col Fondo Extra Brut DOCG · Pairing

Ideally served as an aperitif, with salads, fresh seafood, and grilled fish.

Asolo Prosecco Extra Brut DOCG Superiore · Profile

A very elegant, well structured Prosecco. The second fermentation period is extended to about 50 days and the wine is left Extra Brut to emphasize its natural richness and flavours. The bead is elegant and consistent, the aromas fresh and reminiscent of yellow apple and grapefruit leading into an elegant, well balanced finish.


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Asolo Prosecco Extra Brut DOCG Superiore · Pairing

This Prosecco makes for an elegant aperitif. Serve with savoury appetizers, salads, grilled white meats, and fish dishes.

2015 Asolo Prosecco Col Fondo Extra Brut DOCG Riserva · Profile

This special Col Fondo only gets released in the best years. It is similar in character to the regular Col Fondo, however with even more complexity, structure, and richness. This is the result of a special grape selection and an extended maturation period of 30 months prior to release.

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2015 Asolo Prosecco Col Fondo Extra Brut DOCG Riserva · Pairing

Serve well chilled as an aperitif. It pairs well with salads and flavourful fish and seafood dishes.