Terroirs Originels – Pascal Aufranc


Pascal Aufranc is in total harmony with his land that is amidst serene nature with forests and fields surrounding his vineyards. It is this mosaic of landscapes that contribute to the harmony of Pascal’s wines. Growing on a mixture of quartz, sand, and decomposing granite, the old vines with an age of up to 80 years strive year after year to draw their resources from the depths of this land.

Pascal’s vineyards are located within the boundaries of two of the lesser known cru villages in Beaujolais – Chénas and Juliénas, but like his friends that created Terroirs Originels more than 20 years ago, Pascal would never dream of changing his vineyards with other appellations. His wines display this level of passion and dedication.


Chénas Vignes de 1939 · Profile

A very powerful interpretation of Gamay, grown on vines that are older than 70 years. A red garnet colour with purple tints. In the nose an immediate aroma of blackcurrant and its flowers. A very full palate, rich with a tender smoothness, leading into a bright, fruity finish.

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Chénas Vignes de 1939 · Pairing

A great wine to help relax after a long day. It pairs well with roasted red meat, game, and mushroom dishes. A good accompaniment to charcuterie and goat cheese.

Juliénas Probus · Profile

A rich and ample Gamay with pronounced aromas and flavours of ripe red berries. A firm and well integrated tannin structure give this wine staying power and aging potential. A great value from one of the underrated cru villages of Beaujolais.

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Juliénas Probus · Pairing

While it is enjoyable on its own, the Juliénas Probus shows itself best with roasted meat dishes in a rich sauce, venison, game birds and soft cheese.