Mahrs Bräu


Mahrs Bräu has four generations of family brewing tradition behind their beers. Since 1895, the descendants of the brewery’s founder, Johan Michel, have focused on craft brewing always staying true to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 and are located in the town of Bamberg in Northern Bavaria. This place has about as much character and history as one can imagine. The church in the town square has been standing there for over 1000 years and the rolling hills and castles in the area are the ideal backdrop for enjoying one of these well crafted beers.

It’s that character and tradition that really comes through in their beers. They truly are focused on craft brewing in every sense of the word. They have no interest in what the big brewers are mass producing, for them it’s all about quality. And what works so well, is that they are combining that rich tradition with innovation. The most modern equipment and newest ideas keep Mahrs Bräu at the top of their game. They are also no strangers to the craft brewing movement in the US, where they just brewed an Oktoberfest beer with their friends at Sierra Nevada.


Mahrs Bräu Pilsner · Profile

A true Pilsner at its best – light, dry, and refreshing.

Mahrs Bräu Pilsner · Pairing

Not just any Pilsner, Mahrs Bräu Premium Pilsner is recognizable by its brilliant golden yellow hue. Light and dry in body, with a tender herbal soupçon of bitterness that guarantees to delight your taste buds.

Great as an aperitif, with salads, and any lighter fare.

Mahrs Bräu Ungespundet (U-Bier) · Profile

Light and malty with a pleasant trace of hops.

Mahrs Bräu Ungespundet (U-Bier) · Pairing

Mahrs Bräu U-Bier is golden bronze with a subtle flavour and is usually drunk from an original Mahrs Bräu stein. A good choice with more flavourful dishes from sausages to burgers.