Greif Bräu


Greif is known for their many awards won across their wide range of beers. All of their beers are brewed with only raw materials found in the region. This brewery was first founded in Forchheim in 1848 by Josef Greif. A lot has transpired over the years, including the acquisition of the “Ice Cellar” in 1928 and the building of the modern brewery in 1953. And although they now have the most modern equipment, the brewery tradition which started in 1848 has never been lost.

Through these years, the beer has grown a large and dedicated following of customers. And being in a Bavarian city focused on beer, there is a traditional beer festival every year called Annafest. Forget Oktoberfest, this festival is fully outdoors with plentiful amounts of beer being consumed under the trees of the city. The richness in character of each beer should transport you to the festivals of Bavaria and highlight the years of brewing tradition.


Greif Bräu Hefeweizen Hell · Profile

Very typical mild, fruity taste with hints of banana and cloves. Refreshing and delicious.

Greif Bräu Hefeweizen Hell · Pairing

This award winning beer always delivers. Top fermentation and the tradition of always using a fresh string of special yeast results in a refreshingly fruity character with subtle exotic hints. Ideally enjoyed with the typical Bavarian veal sausage served with “brez’n” and sweet mustard.

Greif Bräu Zwickl · Profile

A traditional Franconian beer, refreshing with a pleasant effervescence and citrus character.

Greif Bräu Zwickl · Pairing

A “Zwickl” is actually the German word for a sampling valve on the side of a tank or cask. This classic style of Franconian beer is similar to a “Keller Bier” which is typically served directly at the brewery or very locally. It builds up a little more effervescence than a Keller Bier through the brewing process. Being unfiltered and unpasteurized, this beer is sure to deliver big flavour. It pairs well with charcuterie and the typical German “Brotzeit”, or the English equivalent of Ploughman’s Lunch.