Domaine Henri Cruchon


The Cruchons are a family of growers that has crafted wines for generations. The family is often cited as an example for a dynamic, creative approach. They have been pioneers in a number of areas that have contributed significantly to the revival of the Swiss wine industry. In the vineyards and in the cellar, bio dynamic principles are applied and followed. Their approach to cultivation results in spectacular wines with intensive and diversified tastes. A wine bearing the Henri Cruchon label and signature is like a certificate of authenticity, a respect for nature and for human values.

Behind every bottle of Henri Cruchon wine lies truth, far from the parade of soulless industrial wines. They are wines without make-up.


Le Morget Sélection Chasselas - Lunar Calendar · Profile

This fine and expressive Chasselas is crafted following a rigorous selection of the best grapes from the top terroirs. The result is a pure Chasselas that is a perfect example of the classic style of the La Côte region – slightly tonic and devilishly pleasing.

SKU 813232

Le Morget Sélection Chasselas - Lunar Calendar · Pairing

It serves as a beautiful aperitif and is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional cheese fondue. Also pairs well with charcuterie, fish and seafood.

Grand Cru Le Chapitre Chasselas - Bio dynamic · Profile

Super fine and subtle bouquet with ripe fruit, vital mineral and salinity flavour. On the palate this is a pure, finessed and highly elegant Chasselas that is unique in style. One of the finest and most vibrant and elegant Chasselas wines, demonstrating the great potential of this often underrated grape variety.

SKU 813234

Grand Cru Le Chapitre Chasselas - Bio dynamic · Pairing

This beautiful, complex white wine can easily be enjoyed on its own. It is a perfect choice with rich cheese fondue, charcuterie, grilled poultry, sushi, and flavourful fish dishes.