Domaine de l’Amauve


Christian and Monique Voeux operate their 10-hectare vineyard in Seguret, a village next to Gigondas and close to Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Christian is a well-respected oenologist in the area and has worked as head winemaker in some of the most renowned estates in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. He understands that the foundation of any great wine is laid in the vineyard. Christian and Monique farm their land following sustainable and organic principles.

With its origins dating back to the arrival of the Romans in 125 BC, the Séguret vineyards were elevated to the Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages-Seguret level in 1967. It is Christian’s ambition to constantly improve the quality of his wines to help bring the vineyard up to the cru level of the neighboring Gigondas and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.


Vin de Pays de Vaucluse · Profile

Amazing depth and structure. Very approachable yet complex wine, evoking images of playing boule under blue skies on a Saturday afternoon.


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Vin de Pays de Vaucluse · Pairing

A wonderful wine to sit with friends, solving all the problems in the world. Enjoy it during the afternoon and early evening hours, getting ready for a great meal with friends and family.

Pairs well with medium cheeses, fresh baguette and salamis. Also nice with red sauce pasta dishes and barbecue.


Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages Les Merrelies · Profile

Superb balance, black pepper and elegant black fruit tones . An engaging wine that warms body and soul.


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Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages Les Merrelies · Pairing

A serious wine for serious conversations. Its richness will warm body and soul.

Great with spicy and flavourful red meat dishes and aged cheeses.


Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages Blanc La Daurèle · Profile

Profound and delicious flavours full of sun, stone fruit and earth. A clean, rich and long finish.


SKU 770973

Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages Blanc La Daurèle · Pairing

Rich yet refreshing flavours that carry a beautiful sunny afternoon into the evening hours. Very harmonious character.

Pairs well with medium strong cheese, flavourful fish and white meat dishes.



Domaine de l'Amauve Vaucluse Rosé d'Yvonne · Profile

2017 marks Christian’s first vintage in which to make rosé wine. Carefully selected Grenache  and Syrah grapes were processed in the traditional Provencale method to craft a refreshing rosé wine with a pale pinkish hue, a fresh acidity and supple berry flavours. Christian named this cuvée after his maternal grandmother Yvonne who loved to enjoy a good rosé.


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Domaine de l'Amauve Vaucluse Rosé d'Yvonne · Pairing

An ideal summer wine for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Great for picnics and barbecues, it also pairs well with savoury appetizers, sushi, grilled poultry, and salmon.

Domaine de l'Amauve Séguret Rosé d'Yvonne AOC · Profile

A more substantial and well structured Provençale rosé wine. The cuvée is one third each of Grenache, Cinsault, and Carignan grown on the estate’s terraced vineyards in Séguret. The vineyards are farmed organically and yields are kept low. Maturation for seven months on fine lees results in great concentration of flavours with a rich, well structured finish.


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Domaine de l'Amauve Séguret Rosé d'Yvonne AOC · Pairing

A delightful aperitif, this wine pairs well with salads, grilled white meats and fish, seafood, charcuterie, and mild cheese.