Domaine de la Combe


Domaine de la Combe is the project of Pierre-Henri Gadais, the fifth generation of a family of growers in the Muscadet region between the rivers Sèvre and Maine. Prior to returning to the family winery, Pierre-Henri spent four years working in wineries around the globe to expand his outlook. He now works with his father Christophe at Gadais Père et Fils and in addition he manages the vineyards and winery of Domaine de la Combe. The family purchased the 9 hectares of vineyards along with the wine cellar in 2009. Upon returning in 2016, Pierre-Henri took control, starting the conversion to organic viticulture with a special emphasis on the biodiversity of the vineyard. Like his father, Pierre-Henri only grows Melon vines in his vineyard, the unique grape variety that makes up the characteristics of the wines of the western Loire Valley. The wines show Pierre-Henri’s passion for his land and this special grape, complemented by a well-rounded international experience and fresh outlook.


Melon Blanc Vendange Nocturne · Profile

With the Vendange Nocturne, Pierre-Henri’s aim is to produce a light, refreshing wine that is a perfect introduction to the flavours of the western part of the Loire Valley. Grapes are harvested at night to take advantage of the cool temperatures and then left in contact with the skin for up to 12 hours. The result is a light, crisp, refreshing white wine with a crisp acidity and a surprising touch of complexity.

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Melon Blanc Vendange Nocturne · Pairing

This wine is a refreshing aperitif. It also pairs well with salads, raw oysters, mussels in a white wine sauce, sushi, and slightly spicy preparations.

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie Réserve Personelle · Profile

The grapes for the Réserve Personnelle come from a single vineyard with the estate’s oldest vines, planted as early as 1968. Pierre-Henri only produces this wine in good vintages with ideal growing conditions. The wine owes its distinctive minerality to the high density of plantings on Gneiss soil, and the careful and selective manual harvest. After 14 months of lees aging in a subterranean tank, the wine is aged in bottle for one year before it is released. The combination of minerals, apple and citrus is delicious and rich.

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Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie Réserve Personelle · Pairing

A wonderful wine to enjoy in company, reflecting upon the day’s events and sharing dreams.
Pairs well with rich white meat and fish dishes, sushi, Asian inspired dishes including Indian favourites such as butter chicken, aged and blue cheeses.