Casale del Giglio


Casale del Giglio was founded in 1967 by Dino Santarelli. The vineyards are located in a fertile area 50 km south of Rome, a region that had no grape growing or winemaking traditions. When Dino’s son Antonio joined the family business in the mid 80’s, father and son were able to develop a unique, experimental project with the help of young enologist Paolo Tiefenthaler, working with ancient local grape varieties such as Bellone and Cesanese, but also adding international varieties like Sauvignon, Petit Manseng, and Syrah. The carefully crafted wines are wonderful expressions of the terroir, combining history and innovation.


Bellone Lazio Bianco IGT · Profile

An ancient grape variety that has been present in the Latium region since Roman times.The grape is very vigorous and resistant to drought. Planted on warm, sandy soils around the coastal town of Anzio, the persistent sea-breeze contributes to the fast ripening process of the grapes with high natural sugar and acidity levels. With its deep yellow colour and flecks of gold, the wine evokes sunshine. In the nose and on the palate, aromas and flavours of mango and papaya, carefully balanced by a marked acidity, dominate and further enhance the feeling of spring and summer.

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Bellone Lazio Bianco IGT · Pairing

A nice wine as an aperitif, it pairs well with Mediterranean fish soups and stews. Grilled fish and Asian inspired dishes as well as sushi make for a beautiful combination.

Cesanese Lazio Rosso IGT · Profile

Best grown on hillside vineyards around the hill towns of Affile and Piglio, the Cesanese grape dates back to the days before the Romans. This low yielding, late ripening variety, properly cared for and grown in the right vineyard sites, delivers wines that are can be aged for a long time. In the glass it invites with a deep ruby colour and aromas of Marasca cherry and notes of white and black pepper complemented by a touch violet. The taste is smooth with persistent yet soft tannins.

Cesanese Lazio Rosso IGT · Pairing

This wine stands up well to flavourful dishes such as beef stews, venison stew, cassoulet, parpadelle with ragu of wild boar, and mature cheese. Its prominent acidity also makes it suitable to serve with fish dishes.

Petit Manseng Lazio IGT · Profile

The Santarelli family and their enologist Paolo Tiefenthaler became intrigued by this late ripening, low yielding grape variety when they visited the Jurancon region in the French Atlantic Pyrenees. They felt that it was well suited for the soils and micro climate in the vineyards around Le Ferrere.The harvest usually takes place in late autumn, at which time the small grapes have started to shrivel, delivering a very concentrated and high level of natural sugar. The wine is intensely aromatic with a combination of ripe exotic fruit and spice. On the palate, it is fresh, crisp and flinty. An exquisitely structured wine and slightly seductive.

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Petit Manseng Lazio IGT · Pairing

This wine pairs well with various, flavourful Mediterranean fish preparations. Also with grilled white meats and grilled vegetables.

Petit Verdot Lazio IGT · Profile

Originating from Bordeaux where it is mainly used as a blending variety with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the late ripening petit Verdot has found a perfect habitat in the vineyards located Agro Ponino valley. The diurnal temperatures with hot days and cool nights as a result of the persistent sea breezes allow the Petit Verdot to ripen and mature to perfection. This deep crimson wine displays an intense, lingering aroma of red berries, cherry, myrtle, and juniper. Elegant and full bodied with velvety tannins, the wine finishes with notes of spice and white pepper.

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Petit Verdot Lazio IGT · Pairing

Best served with rich red meat dishes such as oven roasted lamb, venison, beef bourguignon, and lamb osso bucco.