Cantina Ottoventi


Cantina Ottoventi is the labour of love of Antonino and Giuseppina Mazzara, actively supported by their daughter Sara and her family. Together they handle all operational and strategic management of the vineyards and the winery, capably supported by Dott. Arturo D’Angelo as their head enologist.

The winery takes its name from the 8 winds (otto venti) that constantly bring in fresh sea breezes from all directions to the island of Sicily. These winds give the Sicilian vineyards located close to the coast line their diverse and unique terroir. They also result in the grapes to be dry and healthy. A ventilated vineyard has less incidents of plant disease. Ottoventi’s 40 hectares of vineyards are located close to the coast in Western Sicily in the areas of Erice, Valderice, and Trapani. You can find the scent of the Mediterranean Sea in the wines, as the winds determine their distinct salinity and minerality


Ottoventi Grillo .8 · Profile

Refreshing, crisp, delightful – a Sicilian summer day with a cooling breeze captured in a glass.

Ottoventi Grillo .8 · Pairing

A nice refreshing aperitif. Pairs well with salads, raw seafood, grilled fish, and poultry dishes.

Appeals to our Entertainer and Adventurer.

Ottoventi Nero d'Avola .20 · Profile

Deep, concentrated flavours carrying the warmth and passion of Sicily.

Ottoventi Nero d'Avola .20 · Pairing

Very easy drinking on its own. A good match with medium ripe cheeses, grilled fish and meats, as well as flavourful red sauce pasta dishes.

Appeals to our Entertainer and Adventurer.

Ottoventi Grillo Selezione · Profile

Complex, refreshing with a great balance of ripe fruit and acidity – Grillo at its finest.

Ottoventi Grillo Selezione · Pairing

This wine pairs well with rich flavoured fish dishes, roasted poultry, and ripe soft cheeses. can also be enjoyed with various kinds of fresh seafood, including raw and baked oysters.

Appeals to our Adventurer and Enthusiast.

Ottoventi Nerello Mascalese · Profile

Rich and complex – an excellent expression of Nerello Mascalese from the western part of Sicily.

Ottoventi Nerello Mascalese · Pairing

A rich and warming wine that works well on a cool fall evening. A great match to roasted meats, venison, cassoulet, and flavourful game bird dishes.

Appeals to our Classic Connoisseur and Enthusiast.