Cantina d’Isera


Established in 1907, Cantina d’Isera is one of Trentino’s oldest cooperatives. With 150 families cultivating 200 hectares of vineyards, it is also one of the region’s smallest cooperatives. The growers deliver 100% of their harvest to the cellars, ensuring that the company’s philosophy of “Quality does not know compromises” is carried through.

Since 2015, Massimo Tarter is responsible for the cooperative’s viti- and vinicultural activities. Massimo and Eberhard were colleagues from 2006 to 2012 with Eberhard getting to know Massimo as a very dedicated and skilled oenologist. The quality of the wines has improved dramatically since Massimo’s arrival. In addition to his palate and vision as a winemaker, Massimo understands that the quality of the wine always starts in the vineyard.


Cantina d'Isera Moscato Giallo · Profile

Exotic and delicious – the delicious natural sweetness of the yellow (giallo) Moscato grape is perfectly balanced by a ripe acidity that comes from high elevation vineyards.

Cantina d'Isera Moscato Giallo · Pairing

A beautiful aperitif, refreshing and sumptuous. Pairs well with fruit salads, triple cream cheese, and Asian inspired cuisine.

Appeals to our Entertainer and Adventurer.

Cantina d'Isera Schiava Rosato · Profile

Crisp and refreshing – a great spring and summer wine that has enough substance to be enjoyed at cooler temperatures as well.

Cantina d'Isera Schiava Rosato · Pairing

A refreshing drink on the patio, it also pairs well with salads, seafood, cream sauce pasta, and grilled salmon.

Appeals to our Enthusiast and Classic Connoisseur.

Cantina d'Isera Marzemino Biologico · Profile

Enticing blackberry and cherry flavours are enhanced by ripe, firm tannins in this organically grown Marzemino.

Cantina d'Isera Marzemino Biologico · Pairing

With its firm tannins and fresh acidity, this Marzemino can be enjoyed with roasted meats and grilled fish. It also pairs well with red sauce pasta dishes and medium aged cheese.

Appeals to our Adventurer and Enthusiast.

Cantina d'Isera Rebo DOC · Profile

A carefully crafted cross of the regions indigenous grape varieties Teroldego and Marzemino with Merlot providing additional structure and depth.

Cantina d'Isera Rebo DOC · Pairing

This wine with its firm tannins will benefit from being decanted one hour prior to serving. It is best served with flavourful roasted meats such as lamb and goat. It also matches grilled steak and venison.

Appeals to our Classic Connoisseur and Enthusiast.

Cantina d'Isera Teroldego · Profile

Ripe, soft tannins are the perfect background for the rich plum and berry flavours of this Teroldego.

Cantina d'Isera Teroldego · Pairing

The rich fruit and slightly smoky flavours make this wine a great match with charcuterie boards, speck, soft cheeses, and red sauce pasta dishes.

Appeals to our Entertainer and Adventurer.