Azienda Agricola Luigi Giordano


Luigi Giordano started the winery in 1958, very much against the wishes of his father, Giovanni. Up to that time, Luigi helped his father in their vineyards in Barbaresco, focusing on growing premium grapes that were then sold exclusively to Giovanni Gaja and his son Angelo. When grape prices dropped to an all time low in 1958, Luigi was finally able to convince his father to take more control of their own destiny. At first, they only bottled Dolcetto and Barbera under their own label while still continuing to supply the Gajas with Nebbiolo. Eventually, Luigi also started to produce Barbaresco.

Right from the start, Luigi respected what the land could give him, never expecting more. The vineyards were always farmed organically, but it was not until 2014 that they applied for and received the certification from Suolo e Salute titled “Vine and Wine, Passion and Reason”.

Today, Luigi’s daughter Laura and her children Matteo and Silvia continue to run the winery and farm their land following Luigi’s original vision, turning out wines of complexity and harmony.


Luigi Giordano Barbaresco DOCG Asili · Profile

The Asili vineyard was purchased by the Giordano family in 1970. It is a very highly sought after sub-region, beautifully situated within the commune of Barbaresco. The wine has an intense garnet red colour that will develop delicate orange highlights with age. In the nose it displays dark fruit notes with hints of spice. The flavour is full, dry, and elegant with mature tannins.


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Luigi Giordano Barbaresco DOCG Asili · Pairing

This complex wine pairs well with roasted and braised red meats, venison, meat-filled pasta dishes, and mature cheese.

Luigi Giordano Dolcetto d'Alba DOC · Profile

Ruby red colour with intense violet highlights. In the nose the wine is fresh with dark cherry aromas. Tannins are ripe and elegant. The finish is smooth with a fresh acidity and a pleasant slightly bitter undertone.


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Luigi Giordano Dolcetto d'Alba DOC · Pairing

This wine pairs well with charcuterie, meat appetizers, pizza, red sauce pasta dishes, and grilled meats.