Azienda Agricola La Gironda


While the Galandrino family attended their own vineyards for generation, it was not until the year 2000 that Susanna and her husband Alberto decided to sell their winery equipment business to return to their roots. In the process they recovered vineyards in the Nizza, the heart of the Monferrato region in Piedmont, which was declared a World Heritage Zone by UNESCO in 2015. Nizza is famous for the outstanding quality of the Barbera wines.

Since 2004, Susanna and Alberto farm their land following organic principles. They see their wines as ambassadors of the warmth and soul of their terroir. Each sip tells the story of their passion.


Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG · Profile

A wine with unmistakable sensory characteristics, which make it one of the symbols of the food and wine culture of the hills between Nizza Monferrato and Acqui Terme. With its characteristic pale cherry red colour, featuring soft violet highlights, it presents a delicate musky aroma, with scents of roses. It tastes sweet but fresh and vivacious, with a good structure and a pleasantly persistent finish.

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Brachetto d'Acqui DOCG · Pairing

Usually served at the end of a meal, Brachetto d’Acqui is ideal with jam tarts or other fruit desserts, especially strawberries and mixed berries. It works well with dry biscuits and macaroons of course. We recommend serving it chilled, at 6-8°C. With about 6% alcohol, it can also be considered an original alternative to a fruit-based cocktail.

La Lippa Barbera d'Asti DOCG · Profile

A young, uncomplicated Barbera, perfect for serving slightly chilled during warm summer months. Aged in stainless steel to maintain its young and lively taste, it is no mere coincidence that La Lippa is named after a childhood game. Ruby red with purple highlights, it has an intense scent of red fruit and a dry, tangy flavour, for carefree enjoyment with a group of friends.

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La Lippa Barbera d'Asti DOCG · Pairing

Perfect with bread and salami, it pairs with all rice, pasta and ethnic dishes. Ideal with pizza or a barbecue with friends. For something surprising, try with fish, especially in soups.

La Gena Barbera d'Asti DOCG · Profile

This is the family’s first Barbera, which they have been making since 2000. Susanna and Alberto tiptoed into a brand-new sector with great enthusiasm but also with a particular reverence towards growers with far greater expertise. They felt “genati”, as they say in Piedmont. And while it is an expression that is almost impossible to translate, Gena describes the “shyness and humility” they felt at the time. This is a bright ruby red wine, with an intense, fruity bouquet. Full-bodied and persistent, it is the product of long aging in the bottle: a complex but feminine Barbera, real and straight-forward, totally without make-up.

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La Gena Barbera d'Asti DOCG · Pairing

This pleasant wine is ideally served throughout a meal, but it is particularly well-suited to be paired with rich and tasty rice and pasta dishes, Piedmontese mixed boiled meats, roast and braised meats, and medium-mature fatty cheeses. Try it with Bagna Cauda.

Le Nicchie Barbera Nizza DOCG · Profile

The wine that embodies all of the family’s ambitions. Nizza DOCG, the finest expression of their terroir, is grown only in the finest Barbera vineyards. The production regulations for this wine are very strict indeed. Nizza DOCG can be made in Nizza and 17 neighbouring municipalities; only there, and only in the vineyards that enjoy the best exposure, with extremely limited yields, are the grapes elevated to craft this special wine. And only from the second year after harvesting and after spending a compulsory length of time aging in wood and then in the bottle, can the wine be released for sale.

Ruby red with violet highlights, our Le Nicchie has an intense, complex bouquet featuring red berries with sweet notes of vanilla and coffee. It has a full, warm palate, with scents of liquorice and balanced tannins. A complex, harmonious structure and persistent finish.

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Le Nicchie Barbera Nizza DOCG · Pairing

This wine’s structure allows the most ambitious pairings; Le Nicchie can be reserved for wheels of well-matured cheese or more prestigious steaks, such as Fassona or a nice juicy T-Bone, or delicious braised “Bue Grasso” (fattened ox meat).

Monferrato Rosso DOC Soul Nebbiolo · Profile

You don’t often come across Nebbiolo, the Langhe grape variety par excellence, in Monferrato, despite the fact that it was cultivated in the hills in the past. The Galandrinos were convinced that it can deliver some delightful surprises in their soils, so they decided to do their own thing and grow it anyway, ignoring the trends. This is a wine made with the heart rather than the head, hence the name Soul, made with 100% Nebbiolo.

With its dull garnet red colour, it presents a complex and intense bouquet, with notes of violet and red fruit, and lighter scents of dried flowers and spices. Elegant and harmonious in the mouth, with sweet, silky tannins. Persistent, balanced and immensely pleasant.

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Monferrato Rosso DOC Soul Nebbiolo · Pairing

The nice tannins in this wine are the perfect contrast for particularly rich and succulent rice and pasta dishes, as well as main courses generous in flavour, and sometimes even quite greasy. It will work well with any flavourful stew or braised beef dish. Highly enjoyable on its own too, this is the perfect glass of wine to relax with.